Recete Success Story

Making a difference in the online pharmacy and beauty industry: Recete boosts conversion by 10x with Segmentify!

Thanks to Segmentify’s user-friendly dashboard, we have achieved growth by creating our campaigns in a very short time, like 6 months. We’re very pleased to be working with Segmentify and its solution-oriented technical support teams because they provide the best service in their field of expertise. The reason we chose Segmentify is its ability to fulfil our special needs in a short time and its flexibility.

Recete Team


Always striving to offer products and services of the highest quality to its customers, Recete is one of Turkey’s leading online dermo-cosmetics and beauty stores. As explained on the company website, Recete’s number one priority is customer satisfaction.

The Results

Segmentify’s goal is to apply its expertise in creating end-to-end personalised customer journeys to the pharmacy and beauty industries. To this end, Segmentify has applied its Personalised Product Recommendation and Personalised Search campaigns to Recete’s operations and delivered them a 10x increase in conversion rates. In addition, Segmentify campaigns boosted the revenue per user by 10x and created a 10% increase in Average Order Value (AOV). As a result, Segmentify has contributed to 25% of Recete’s sales across the website.


Increase in Conversion Rates


Increase in Revenue per User


Increase in AOV


Contribution Rate