Unlock new levels of eCommerce growth

That means an average £200,000+ a year for our customers. Welcome to Segmentify — the world’s smartest, all-in-one personalisation platform for eCommerce brands.

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Abbas Bari

“Integrating Segmentify’s personalised recommendations delivered a 19% AOV increase for iCLOTHING.”

Abbas Bari
Founder and CEO

Here’s how you can generate 20% more revenue with Segmentify

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Instantly boost product sales and average order value

Your website will show the most relevant products to every shopper, every time — getting them to buy more, more often.

By analysing 100’s of real-time datapoints, our class-leading technology accurately predicts your customers product preferences as soon as they land on the store.

Product Recommendations

Recommend highly-relevant products anywhere on your website — helping you convert more website visitors. Learn more➔

Showcase the most desirable search results in real-time while your visitors are typing their query. Learn more➔

Content Personalisation

Supercharge editorial engagement by recommending articles and editor’s top picks. Learn more➔

We guarantee a 20% revenue increase

To ensure this, our growth experts will manage and optimise your campaigns to maintain and improve your results.

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Personalised messaging

Drive more purchases across every sales channel

The highly personalised offers and efficient multi-device experiences you provide will convince your customers to buy again and again.

Push Notifications

Get up to 122% more ROI by converting cart abandoners. Learn more➔

Personalised Content

Show personalised banners, products and alerts to remind your website visitors to continue shopping.

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Active LoyalsCustomersRepeat customers whose last order wasvery recentLifetime ValueLast WeekLast WeekOverallvs Othersno changeno change0.6%3.72x53$430.72Learn MoreChurned CustomersCustomersCustomers who haven’t been ordered for a very long time and churned.Days Since Last OrderLast WeekLast WeekOverallvs Othersno changeno change46.3%2.35x4.38K292.24Learn MoreOne Time ShoppersCustomersThese are the customers who has orderedonly once.Days Since Last OrderLast WeekLast WeekOverallvs Othersno changeno change83.8%1.05x7.92K$90.42Learn MoreCustomer SegmentsDeep dive into actions & campaigns for each segment by clicking on ‘Learn More’ of the segment card.Email InsightsActive Loyals


Unlock more revenue from your store with real-time, omnichannel insights

Drill down into an unlimited number of
data-combinations in order to uncover profitable customer segments, product bundles, promotions, merchandising ideas, and more.

Real-time product analytics and insights

Use product performance metrics to boost onsite spending and optimise your marketing strategies. Learn more➔

Behavioural Targeting

Understand customers and identify new segments for new bundling and targeting ideas. Learn more➔

Enjoy an easy integration and setup done by our team

We’ll take care of your platform setup for you. From product set up to designing your widgets — 100% FREE.

Anıl Can Öztürk

“We are selling 7 times more products through Segmentify widgets compared to the other companies we have tried”

Anıl Can Öztürk
BDM, Koçtaş

Unlock new levels of eCommerce growth

Grow your revenue by at least 20% with the smartest, all-in-one personalisation platform for eCommerce stores — results guaranteed.

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check 14 day free trial

check Results guaranteed

check Reach thousands of customers on all devices with personalised push notifications.

check Take the guesswork out of identifying new product trends.

check Increase onsite conversion rates with omnichannel personalisation.

check Eliminate the tedious work from manually creating product groups.

check Get 216% higher conversion rates with personalised search.

check Increase average order with personalised recommendations.

check Make data-driven decisions with in-depth segmentation

check Inform your customers about price drops using emails