Koton Success Story

Koton Success Story

Company Background

With more than 800 stores internationally, we can proudly say that we’re one of the fastest growing retail chains in the world. Our number one goal has always been to offer the latest trends with unique designs at affordable prices, along with a creative, innovative and customer-oriented approach. 

We work hard to provide our customers from 50 different countries with 30,000 different designs each year, thanks to our dynamic team of more than 200 designers, as well as our team of more than 10,000 employees.

In September 2015, we began offering our extensive collection on koton.com. By 2017, we reached three million monthly unique visitors and a product range of more than 20,000 items. It’s fair to say that Koton.com is Koton’s largest store!


Our goal is to become the fast-fashion brand with the most extensive and well-loved collections in five continents by 2023.

Current Figures


Monthly Page Views


Product Range

Challenges and Concerns

We were in need of a smart recommendation service provider that could offer our online customers a highly personalized shopping experience. We needed a tool that was powerful enough to keep up with our three million monthly visitors and their needs in just milliseconds.

Our biggest priority was to choose a software system with algorithms that could respond to customers’ needs in terms of personalized recommendations.

Additionally, we didn’t want to lose any time at all on its implementation. We needed a solution that would allow us to go live with recommendation scenarios immediately.

Last but not least, our whole eCommerce department needed an application that was easy to work with. This called for a user-friendly interface.

Campaign Example

Why Segmentify?

Segmentify offered us highly efficient and immediately applicable solutions, as well as helpful advice on ways we could improve during our very first meeting. After a short on-boarding process, we began working together.

Being able to obtain real-time data using Segmentify’s conversion analytics tools Trendify and Insights is particularly important in the fast-fashion industry.Trendify is one of the go-to tools for our Sales and Product Departments.

Along with their smart recommendation algorithms, their real-time conversion analytics tools Trendify and Insights are an integral part of our work together. Trendify is one of the go-to tools for our Sales and Product Departments. Particularly important in the fast-fashion industry, the ability to monitor real-time data on product views, clicks, add-to-baskets and purchases give us the ability to continually understand everything that’s happening in our online store.We frequently use Trendify not only to keep up with the latest trends, but to provide helpful insights to our entire team. Having said that, we utilize Trendify for periodical evaluations as well. 

Achieved with Segmentify

With Segmentify, we have the ability to make advanced personalized recommendations to our customers on both desktop and mobile. In addition to conventional product recommendations, we also have the ability to come up with and develop highly beneficial new features, such as trending products widgets.

“Our business plan includes future projects with Segmentify, which we believe will pioneer the entire industry. We truly believe that working with a solution provider who understands the needs of our business and can advise us appropriately gives us a great competitive advantage!”

Most Liked about Segmentify

We can easily say that Segmentify is a great company to work with! We are more than happy that they truly treat our recommendation scenarios as their own, constantly strive to improve our performance, and regularly come up with ideas to improve our work together. Their Customer Success Team is truly one of a kind. They are very solution-oriented, and are able to deliver on short notice every time!

Mustafa Şarbak
eCommerce Marketing & CRM Executive – Koton