Koçtaş Success Story

Home improvement leader Koçtaş reached a 20% contribution to their online revenue after switching to Segmentify.

When we first considered working with Segmentify in 2017, we were already working with another third party tool for onsite personalised recommendations. However, on top the integration process that took nearly forever, we weren’t seeing pleasing results. The contribution to our online revenue was somewhere around 2-3%, which isn’t even half the performance we were looking for.

We weren’t pleased with the tool we were using back then, so we jumped to Segmentify.

So, we decided to give Segmentify a try and started an A/B Testing process between the tool we were using back then and Segmentify. We showed half of our visitors recommendations from the other tool, and the other from Segmentify.

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Revenue Contribution

During our A/B Testing between Segmentify and the other tool, we achieved 6% Contribution Rate with Segmentify.

Even with only half of our visitors seeing Segmentify recommendations, contribution reached 6%. This meant that we were selling 7 times more products through Segmentify widgets compared to the other company.

At the end of the testing period, the decision was loud and clear. We switched to Segmentify in no time. It didn’t take long for our contribution to reach 11%, after we started to show all the recommendations from Segmentify widgets.

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Today, with more than 34 live Segmentify campaigns on our website and mobile app, the contribution ratio is around 20%.

Today, we’re relying on Segmentify’s accurate product recommendations throughout our website and app including the Homepage, Product and Category Pages, and Custom Pages for different occasions.

The results we constantly get from our Product Pages are outstanding, so much so they deserve to be mentioned separately. In November 2018, which is usually a rather still month for home shopping, the alternative products recommendations on desktop product pages reached a 5% contribution. This is just one campaign we’re talking about!

4.5% of our November 2018 revenue came from the alternative product recommendations on our product pages. This is just one campaign we’re talking about!

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Anıl Can Öztürk
Koçtaş Business Development Manager