FLO Success Story


Company Background

‘The Shoe seller of Everyone’ FLO is the leader shoe retail chain in Turkey. With more than 390 stores around the world, FLO offers a broad range of products that attract millions of customers of all ages and backgrounds. Putting the words ‘fashionable’ and ‘affordable’ in the same sentence for almost a decade, FLO does not seem to disappoint!


Since our establishment in 2001, FLO has appealed to a larger audience, embracing the needs and demands of customers with various demographic attributes and lifestyles, which gives us the upper-hand since the beginning.

Most recently, we have realized the impact that eCommerce has on a company’s revenue, as well as on its brand image. Being the prominent shoe retail chain did not stop FLO from getting involved with the digital world of retail. In fact, for us, being ‘The Shoe seller for Everyone’ meant being able to reach anyone, anywhere.

2017 has been set as a year of improvement for flo.com.tr. We are aiming to grow significantly compared to 2016 with omni-channel strategy.

Since the beginning of the year, we have invested in improving our website’s infrastructure more than ever before. As a result of this hard work, we plan to harvest the seeds by implementing an omni-channel strategy that will help us understand our customers better. ‘One-customer-strategy,’ as we like to call it, will enable us to recognize each of our customers on every channel, target them and recommend the most relevant products for them.

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Challenges and Concerns

We offer over 15.000 products from more than 100 brands for women, men, and children. A wide range of products is essential for your business, as you can recommend the right product to the right customer. That is why our biggest concern has always been the potential malfunctioning of an online algorithm. Customers coming across products in which they showed no interest or even worse products that were out of stock at that moment – here is where the potential customer left the site. And this resulted in higher and higher bounce rates for flo.com.tr. So, it was vital for the business to find the right solution which could enable us to recognize our customers and recommend them the products in which they are most likely to be interested.

We sell 3.5 shoes per minute on www.flo.com.tr. This requires the algorithm to work real-time, process the data fast enough so that it can identify the products that are within customer’s taste of fashion. All the while, it detects the out of stock products and sizes, so it can avoid recommending them. 


Why Segmentify?

Segmentify’s real-time algorithm backed with artificial intelligence technology recognizes our visitors and identifies the most relevant product to recommend in milliseconds.

We knew what we needed, but were worried about the functionality of the said software solutions. Right now, 3.5 shoes are being sold on flo.com.tr per minute. That meant that the algorithm we implemented had to be just as fast and never miss an ‘out-of-stock’ notice or a first-time visitor. The software we chose for our website had to simultaneously notice abandoned carts and also remember the shoe size of each customer.

Exactly at this point, Segmentify stepped in. We had been familiar with the brand since their early start-up phase, and the inevitable need for a personalization solution finally led us to Segmentify. It offers us the exact solution we need, backed by a robust artificial intelligence technology and algorithm.

The capability of keeping track of 15.000 products real-time on Trendify appealed to us and has been a significant factor in choosing Segmentify as a complete solution.

We approached Segmentify for a personalization solution but Segmentify’s real-time conversion analytics solution – Trendify – has been another important factor in our decision. It offers us a real-time conversion analytics screen that allows us to keep track of all our 15.000 products and enables us to make informed business decisions.

Plug and Play in just a day.

As complicated as that sounds, Segmentify is actually quite easy to apply! The integration process requires little-to-no knowledge of code, which fortunately our tech team had more than enough. Combined with the support coming from Segmentify’s success team, the implementation of the tool was fairly simple.

As soon as the integration process ends, the algorithm starts to collect data and learn about customers’ online behaviors. Managing this process the right way plays a significant role in the future success of the tool since the learning process is when all the information about individuals are piled up and listed.

Achieved with Segmentify

Each month, we have over 50 million visits on our website and sell 3.5 pair of shoes per minute. We needed a software solution that would help us distinguish between customers by their taste and needs, and only show them the right products at the right time, via their preferred device. Basically, we wanted to show them products that they are most likely to purchase even when their primary focus is not on buying, and hence help us walk them through the sales funnel. Thanks to Segmentify’s algorithm that analyzes our customers’ behavior, flo.com.tr can now offer personalized product recommendations for each woman, man, and child that visits our website.

With Segmentify’s personalization solutions, we did not only reduce the bounce rates significantly, but we also increased the overall conversion rates. We have already observed a 10% growth in our revenue with 17M clicks on Segmentify widgets!

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We are, now, present at our customer’s decision processes from the beginning to the end, and can offer them complimentary products based on likes and demands of other customers that show similar behavior patterns. We are supporting the whole system by segmenting customers real-time and recommending in-stock products that are most likely to be purchased.

We increased average revenue per customer by upselling.

Since we offer free shipping on orders above 50TL, we want to encourage our customers to reach the free-shipping limit by up selling related products in which they are likely to take an interest. After Segmentify stepped in, we were able to increase our revenue by showing the customers further products that they may like based on their previous purchases and the cart page.

We are able to display a unique main page for each visitor through personalized banners.

Personalizing the eCommerce experience does not mean personalizing the product listings only, it goes far beyond than that. With Bannerify – an additional solution Segmentify offers- we are able to customize the banners we display to each visitor and lead them to the product in which they are interested.

We started to personalize main page categories and banners with Segmentify on the second half of 2017. Thanks to the algorithm which recognizes the customers who visit www.flo.com.tr, we are able to segment our visitors real-time and display our banners designed for women, men and unisex products to the right segment.

Bannerify also helps us measure the banner performances in the slider area on our main page and track down all the views, clicks, number of sales and the income we obtain through personalized banners. Simply put, there’s a different main page for different customers and well-managed banner campaigns based on data.


We acquire better conversions from our search bar.

According to search bar ad statistics on our sites, our conversion rates are fairly satisfactory. To keep it that way, we are displaying the most sold products on our search bar.

We encourage desktop visitors to download our app at no cost.

Considering the increasing popularity of mobile apps, we activated our SMS campaign to encourage customers to download our mobile app. Through Segmentify SMS solution, the leads we obtain via desktop receive a text message with a ‘download-now’ CTA, both on Android and iOS. We are aiming to lead the majority of our 6,5 million customers to our mobile apps with a single click, without the need for an additional budget for app downloads.

Considering the diversity in our target audience, personalizing our website for each visitor would have been impossible if we did not start working with Segmentify. Today, we are selling 150.000 pairs of shoes each month via www.flo.com.tr  

“Considering the diversity in our target audience, personalizing our website for each visitor would have been impossible if we did not start working with Segmentify.”

Most Liked about Segmentify

‘Can Do It’ Attitude

It is delightful to work with a devoted team. The thing we love most about Segmentify is their ‘Can Do It!’ attitude and their discipline in delivering the requests and meeting deadlines.

FLO Team

Alper Boyer
eCommerce Marketing Manager – FLO