Domino’s Pizza Success Story

Domino’s Pizza Turkey observed an overall 2.81x increase in conversion rates with Segmentify’s Personalised Product Recommendation campaigns!

At Domino’s Turkey, we had a goal of customising our products for each customer based on their current and past purchase history. We received the full support of the Segmentify team, both in terms of implementation and during the A/B test period. We did an A/B test between the products we showed as static and the dynamic products we displayed using Segmentify’s machine learning system, and we achieved an incremental 162% higher revenue. We have integrated it into Domino’s app channels with the easy SDK module. We were able to do this with minimal effort from the development team, which is one of the most significant positive aspects.

Domino’s Pizza Turkey Team


Serving the Turkish market with delicious pizzas since 1996, Domino’s Pizza Turkey is now leading the Turkish pizza industry with its 530 branches spread across 69 provinces. A pioneer in the pizza industry with its “home delivery” operations, Domino’s Pizza Turkey also aims to make an impact as a technology company with its industry-leading approaches, technology investments, and high customer satisfaction figures.

The Results

Our goal was to apply Segmentify’s Personalised Product Recommendation campaigns on Domino’s Pizza Turkey’s website to increase revenues and boost average order values. As a result, our personalised product recommendation widgets on the homepage generated 2x more unique product purchases and led to a 1.62x increase in revenues. In addition, we’ve also observed a 35% increase in “Add to Basket” thanks to our ability to order the products on the basket page, which resulted in a 26% increase in revenues. As a result, an overall 2.81x increase was observed in conversion rates.


Increase in Average Visit Value


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Conversion Rates