Real Time Conversion Analytics

Gain Deeper Customer Insights with Real-Time Analytics

The eCommerce market is more crowded and competitive than ever! Real-time analytics and personalised production recommendations are a must to increase sales and conversion rates.

Check86% of eCommerce customers admit that a personalised shopping experience highly influences their decision-making process.

Check74% of online shoppers say they get frustrated when recommendations aren’t personalised to their personal preferences.

Real Time Conversion Analytics

Understand your customers with real-time data

Increase online conversions with Real-time Conversion Analytics by tracking online conversion performance in real-time for your products. Monitor all key conversion performance metrics including purchase to impression, number of products and add to basket.

Identify the high or low performing products at a glance. Spot which products are burning money while not bringing any sales, and allocate more budget on the ones which are rocking.
Optimise High Spending
Take advantantage of products that are often found in the same basket together. Seize this cross-sell opportunity as a way to increase the average order value. Whenever a customer adds one of the products to their basket, immediately recommend the other one.
Basket Pairs

How Do I Increase Sales by 20% using Real-Time Analytics?

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What Results to Expect

Segmentify analyses website analytics in real-time to create the most accurate data on your customers so you can present the right products at the right time.

Our team of experts analyse your online eCommerce store to combine data from customer interests, best selling products and buyer behaviour to create Real-Time Conversion Analytics.

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Use Personalised Product Recommendations in conjunction with our full suite of solutions. Segmentify captures and analyses all your omnichannel data to provide real-time and accurate insights into your customers.

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“We increased revenue by 30% using Segmentify’s all-in-one personalisation platform.”

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Personalised Product Recommendations

Personalised Product Recommendations

Generate more sales for your business by helping shoppers find the products they want to buy.

Personalised Search

Generate more sales for your business by helping shoppers find the products they want to buy.

Personalised Push Notifications

Personalised Push Notifications

Reach thousands with a single click and talk to each of them individually.

Behavioural Targeting

Behavioural Targeting

Combine real-time omnichannel browser and buyer behaviour to provide a highly-personalised online experience.