Personalised Product Recommendation

Boost your sales using Personalised Product Recommendations

Understanding your visitors and making personalised product recommendations will create a unique shopping experience that will impress potential customers.

CheckOver 50% of customers are more likely to return to your site if you provide product recommendations.

Check75% of customers under 30 expect personalised product recommendations as part of their online shopping experience.

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Generate more sales by recommending products your customer will love

Using the most intelligent machine-learning technology, Segmentify analyses the interests of every single visitor, helping you recommend products that your visitors won’t be able to resist.

Increase Basket Size

When customers show buyer intent, being proactive is the key to increasing average order size. When your customers are ready to checkout, take the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell by recommending additional products according to their preferences or similar products.

Taking advantage of impulse shopping is a tried and tested upselling tactic used in stores across the globe. Shoppers are usually impulsive, whether it’s instore or online. Increase sales by recommending their most viewed products during the checkout process!

Incentivise purchases with limited time offers and discounts personalised to their specific preferences. Creating a sense of urgency with personalised product recommendations and the fear of missing out will make your offer too good to refuse.

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iClothing Founder and Ceo Abbas Bari

“Integrating Segmentify’s personalised recommendations delivered a 19% AOV increase for iCLOTHING.”

Abbas Bari
Founder and CEO

Appeal With Variety

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Make shopping fun and easy by recommending products similar to something they’ve already looked at. Showing that you understand a customers individual preferences gives you the best chance of increasing online sales.

Personalised products are a great way to engage with customers and are proven to increase the average order value. Boost average order value by making recommendations according to the most popular products or product purchased by other visitors with similar preferences.

Create a convenient shopping experience by suggesting products similar to products your customer has viewed or purchased allowing customers to meet all their shopping needs. Personalised products are a great way to engage the customer and are proven to increase the average order value.

What Results to Expect

Segmentify makes Personalised Product Recommendations according to the interests of every single customer. Our team of experts analyse your site to combine personal interests, top-performing products and buyer behaviour to create Personalised Product Recommendations according to individual customer preferences.


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When Personalised Product Recommendations is used in conjunction with our full suite of solutions, Segmentify captures and analyses all your omnichannel data to provide real-time and accurate insights into your customers.

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