Behavioural Targeting

Increase online sales using Behavioural Targeting

Combine real-time omnichannel browser and buyer behaviour to provide a highly-personalised online experience based on customer segments. At Segmentify, we don’t depend on chance, we depend on data fueled by the most intelligent machine-learning technology.

Behavioural Targeting

Understand customer data with Behavioural Targeting

Personalisation targets your customers in real-time, but Behavioural Targeting keeps them around longer. Increase online conversions by analysing customer behaviour and product performance to provide data-driven insights for your online marketing campaigns.

Repeat customers are loyal customers who have made multiple orders over a short period of time. Incentivise them with special offers when they spread the word about your brand.
Active Loyals
Using our advanced customisable and personalised algorithms, win back churned customers with a bundle of their favourite products.
Churned Customers
Nurture one-time shoppers by retargeting them with personalised discount codes to encourage them to check out personalised product recommendations according to their previous purchase.
One Time Shoppers

How Do I Increase Sales by 20% using Behavioural Targeting?

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What Results to Expect

Segmentify analyses website analytics in real-time to create the most accurate data on your customers so you can present the right products at the right time.

Our team of experts analyse your online eCommerce store to combine data from customer interests, best selling products and buyer behaviour to create Behavioural Targeting.

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When Personalised Product Recommendations is used in conjunction with our full suite of solutions, Segmentify captures and analyses all your omnichannel data to provide real-time and accurate insights into your customers.

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Catherine Giles

“We increased revenue by 30% using Segmentify’s all-in-one personalisation platform.”

Catherine Giles
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Personalised Product Recommendations

Personalised Product Recommendations

Generate more sales for your business by helping shoppers find the products they want to buy.

Personalised Search

Generate more sales for your business by helping shoppers find the products they want to buy.

Personalised Push Notifications

Personalised Push Notifications

Reach thousands with a single click and talk to each of them individually.

Real Time Conversion Analytics

Real Time Conversion Analytics

Track your online conversion performance in real-time for your products.