What is Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Is It Crucial?

Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion?

In the world of conversion rate optimization, the process of conversion is made up of your business goals, visitor or customer actions and some tests to determine your performance.
To be able to talk about conversion, firstly you should determine your goals.
These goals can be various things depend on your business and what stage you are on. Your goal may be increasing

  • the number of subscribers of your mailing list
  • the total time that a visitor spends on your website
  • the number of downloads of your infographic, report or e-book
  • the total number of sells or clicks in a period

These are some examples but you may want some complementary things to do such as decreasing the number of unsubscribes of your mailing list. If you are not sure about your goals you can check the best practices on conversion optimization.
Once you determine your goal, you expect some actions to be done from visitors. Each goal needs identic optimizations. A pop up may work for increasing the number of downloads of e-book but may not work for another goal.
To keep optimization process under control you should test your changes. Test results show you what you are doing right and wrong in terms of conversion. The most popular way of testing is A/B testing but multivariable testing may be a very good choice.

What Is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is simply a rate of number of converted visitors divided by total number of visitors expressed in percentage.
Let’s go back to e-book example. Your goal is to increase the number of downloads and you figured out that you have 100 total visitors. If 14 of these downloaded your e-book, conversion rate is 14%. Conversion rate gives you an overview of how is your business doing.
This percentage is relative to your website. For example 5% conversion optimization rate (CRO) may be a good or bad according to your website.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Before starting to optimize a website in terms of conversion rate, you must know the existing state of that website. To do this you can use several tools such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Adobe Target etc. once you start to know your website, you should try to determine what

  • should be changed
  • needs improvements
  • should be removed/added

All of these improvements or changes are considered in conversion rate optimization in terms of your business goals. best practices of conversion optimization are using these tools as well. Why don’t you implement conversion optimization tips and become a best practice,too?
You will get a checklist along with this article and you can achieve your goals thanks to it.

Why You Need Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is not about generating fresh leads or driving more traffic but making more sells while the number of visitors is constant.
You can spend lots of money to PPC (pay per click) ads or any kind of marketing efforts and getting lots of traffic. Without conversion rate optimization, they may be nothing. That is, you get more traffic day by day but few of them are buying your products or download your e-book.

 What Factors To Consider?

Here is a checklist and some tips for any kind of website. These tips are valid whether you have an e-commerce or content based website, do it!

  • Design: Overall design of the website is crucial to convert visitors. It should look attractive.
  • Easy-To-Use: First of all, your website should be easy to use. Navigation and search bar should help visitors and search filters as well.
  • Loading Speed: Loading speed is another crucial point because many visitors leave a website if it is loading slowly. In addition to these technical factors, a website should look good.
  • Multimedia: Rich medias like images and videos effect the decision of visitors with high percentages. Even colors are crucial because of psychological issues. You can check here for further information.