Next generation innovators are published in ‘The Customer Experience and Success’ report distributed in The Times

Segmentify’s co-founder and UK chief executive Murat Soysal joined forces with Raconteur Media and The Times, to reveal the importance of AI in transforming the customer experience.
In an era of hyper-connected consumers, the customer journey and elements of the customer experience are the keys for driving value. Building long-term proactive engagement and personalisation is now a necessity for companies that aim for growth and retention.
Despite many companies still struggling to implement a customer-centric approach, personalisation is becoming more important than brand awareness. That means the competition is changing direction thanks to the demands of digital customers.
Customers want more personalisation and interactions with brands in order to create a truly bespoke experience. So how can this experience be created and transformed? Let’s have a look at The Customer Experience and Success Report to find out.

The Customer Experience and Success Report

‘The Customer Experience and Success’ report was created by Raconteur Media, the leading independent publisher of special interest content for The Times and The Sunday Times. The report covers the key facts about building the best customer satisfaction by using next-generation technological innovations. One of these innovations includes Segmentify, an AI-powered personalised product recommendation platform.
‘The Customer Experience and Success’ report makes it clear that brands can’t ignore customer success anymore. And to build the most powerful customer experiences, brands need to adapt to two strategic approaches:

  • Measuring what matters to customers
  • Transforming the customer experience

In the report, our co-founder and UK chief executive Murat Soysal also highlights the importance of these approaches as;

“The more we learn about each individual customer, the better the personalisation journey will be for end-consumers as the notion of customer experience enters this next era of digital disruption.”

The report, published in The Times, also explores the best methods and technological tools to improve customer success by using insight metrics and transforming them into a perfectly designed customer journey.
Of course, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a huge role when talking about next-generation innovations. This is because AI is not only being used to outline the customer experience journey but it also creates many technological innovations that increase customer satisfaction.
Technology can make a difference, however, it is crucial for companies to make investments in the right innovation in order to drive the highest ROI.

The Role of AI-Powered Personalised Product Recommendations

“Segmentify has helped retailers achieve, on average, 10 per cent revenue contribution from such widgets and this extent of improvement is now a minimum expectation from a concerted personalisation strategy using AI tools.”

Segmentify holds a significant role in e-commerce businesses. According to The Customer Experience and Success Report:
“Segmentify’s role as an e-commerce personalisation platform addresses and champions each customer’s individuality, beginning at a company’s website and branching out across all marketing methods and promotional material.”
As one of the world’s leading AI-driven e-commerce personalised recommendation platforms, Segmentify is proud to be a part of The Customer Experience and Success Report. We will keep working hard to support our client’s in the most successful and innovative ways possible.
You can try our demo or contact us to be a part of the next generation innovation and transform your customer journey with Segmentify’s AI-powered personalised recommendation tool.