5 Undeniable Benefits of Personalised Emails

5 Undeniable Benefits of Personalised Emails

In the digital age, new ways of communication appear every day. Some deflate after a while like Snapchat, and some come up from behind and catch up like Facebook Messenger. But one has been going on and going strong for more than a decade. Emails!
Everyone has their personal email accounts, and everyone receives tens of emails everyday. But there’s just one problem with that: Everyone receives tens of emails everyday. So, you need a way to stand out in crowd and get the best returns from your email campaigns.
That’s why we have personalised emails for you.
Ecommerce personalisation is more than just a clever marketing strategy now. It’s a must if you want to succeed in a highly competitive and agile environment. In fact 72% of ecommerce customers now openly declare that they are willing to share their personal information to a certain degree in return for personalised content. Ecommerce personalisation simply saves ecommerce customers time, and contributes around 10% to online revenue for ecommerce businesses. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.
And the same goes for emails, too. According to our 2018 data personalised emails tend to increase click through rates up to 18% and conversion rates up to 5%. It goes without a saying that personalised emails are a force to be reckoned with for ecommerce success!

Here are 5 benefits you will get from personalised emails:

1) Personalised emails will get you a sales return 6 times more than regular bulk email campaigns.
Personalised Email Example
Personalised email content crafted based on onsite data from each one of your customers can get you a sales return 6 times more than regular bulk emailing campaigns. Products recommended in personalised emails are based on each customers’ onsite history, so they’re individually selected for each one of them based on their unique interests. In simpler words, customers like what they see and they buy it.
This is exactly why sessions starting from personalised email campaigns tend to last way shorter than the rest. Customers that see the products they’re interested in tend to pay a short visit to your website with a simple route from product page to checkout success page. They like it and they buy it!
2) Unsubscribe rates are significantly lower with personalised email campaigns.
Unsubscribe Rate
Are you tired of losing parts of your email list, which you’ve worked so hard to create, in every email campaign? Well, unsubscribes are inevitable if you keep on sending scuba diving gear to 8-month pregnant women! Understandably, no one wants to see irrelevant content in their inbox.
By sending the right products to each one of your customers, you can decrease your unsubscribe rates significantly. Customers who are offered relevant products will only look forward to receiving emails from you. It’s like you’re saving them all the trouble of doing research to find the right products. Instead, you’re simply offering the best ones for each of them. And it’s all based on real time data!
3) Personalised emails don’t create any operational costs for you.
Marketing communications can be costly and time consuming. Trying to speak to a rather large audience with limited amount of words is restraining. And that means you have to spend some time figuring out the right tone and the right words.
It doesn’t just stop there either. You have to convey the right message on the right channels and always look out for the best time slots to do so. Not to mention preparing and editing individual campaigns for different occasions.
All these combined take a lot of manual labor and time.
By setting up automated email campaigns you can minimise the manual work. Personalised emails contain dynamic content which are completely based on real-time data collected from the recipients’ onsite behaviours. Simply put, all you have to do is set the campaign and let it be.
Personalised emails will automatically detect the most relevant products for each customer and trigger themselves just at the right time without any additional effort.
4) You can choose from 10 different scenarios to match your business needs and goals
Segmentify Panel
We offer 10 different personalised emails scenarios under 3 categories:
1) Winback Scenarios to remind slipping-away customers about your online store
2) Growth Scenarios to strengthen your customer relations individually
3) Retention Scenarios to increase customer loyalty
From abandoned cart recovery to customer loyalty, there’s a scenario suitable for all kinds of different business goals. So, even though they’re fully personalised you don’t need to limit yourself to ‘Selected For You’ emails only. You have the chance to remind your customers about their last visits, or offer them complementary products following their purchases and even combine different modules all in one email.
Have a look at all of our 10 different scenarios here!
5) Conversion rates from personalised emails can reach 4 times more than the average.
Personalised Email Example
Retail businesses that are already using our personalised emails have reached a conversion rate 4 times higher than the average ecommerce conversion rate in Google Analytics. Google Analytics calculates this ratio by dividing the total transactions to total unique sessions coming from various marketing channels.
This means that customers coming from personalised email campaigns tend to actually make a purchase 4 times more than the customers coming from other marketing channels because they are already offered the most relevant products and immediately make up their minds. 
Bonus tip from us: Create more online sales on the fly with our new Fly Mode
With our new Fly Mode emails you can get in touch with your visitors while they’re on your website. Especially, useful around busy times like Black Friday to get contact information from anonymous visitors to later remind them about your online store!
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