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5 e-commerce Product Recommendation Types to Increase Conversion Rate

Why do websites use e-commerce product recommendation?
In e-commerce product recommendations as an e-commerce website owner or e-commerce responsible, the most important KPI is to increase your conversion rate and the revenue to make your business sustainable.
There are multiple ways to improve your conversion rate. If you want a quick result, you should care about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) first. And, if you want to optimize your conversion rate that means you want to improve it. Because CRO is improving your website’s ability to turn visitors into buyers, one of CRO tools might be a solution to provide conversion optimization which directly increases the revenue.
Here we have listed the top 5 e-commerce product recommendation types that directly increases your conversion rate.

1st e-commerce Product Recommendation Type: Customers who viewed this product also viewed

This e-commerce product recommendation type is the most used one and has an important effect on customers in terms of increasing conversion. It includes what a visitor/customers does on the site at that time and also offers products what other customers who also looked at similar products before.

e-commerce managers tend to name this widget in various forms such as:

Customers Who Bought This Item Also BoughtProducts Also Bought With This ItemFrequently Bought Together,  People Also Viewed,  Customers with similar interests ultimately viewed

ecommerce product recommendation customers who bought this item also boughtScreenshot 2016-03-23 10.20.18

2nd Ecommerce Product Recommendation Type: You might also like

Second ecommerce product recommendation type is ‘You might also like’. The main idea behind recommending these items is to increase customer engagement in e-commerce by providing personalised product recommendations.

You might also like widget appears with similar titles and here we list some:

Similar Items You May Like,  You May Also Like, Related Items, Other Items You May Like, Based on what you have viewed you might also like

Screenshot 2016-03-23 10.30.46

Screenshot 2016-03-23 10.30.56

3rd Ecommerce Product Recommendation Type: Recently viewed

Another product recommendation type is ‘recently viewed’. It helps customers to look over their interests and find a product they have looked before. Moreover, e-commerce managers love to keep latest items the visitor browsed in a handy way.

Popular clones of conversion rate optimisation widget are:

Your Recently Viewed Items, Latest viewed, Previously viewed

ecommerce product recommendation recently viewed

4th Ecommerce Product Recommendation Type: Trending in category

It’s too common to see ‘Most popular items’ recommendations on e-commerce sites. It also helps customers saving time and make a quick shop. Because consumers tend to be loyal to a particular brand, it’s always a great idea to base recommendations.

This trending products recommendation manner works good especially for returning visitors and you might call the widget as:

Trending now, Popular products, Highest rated, Top/best-sellers, What’s getting the most attention

ecommerce product recommendation trending in category

5th Ecommerce Product Recommendation Type: Customers also bought

Fifth ecommerce product recommendation type shows what other customers also bought besides or with that product. It helps customer have an easy checkout and find the best complimentary or generic product.

Increasing the average basket size with the cross-sell opportunity by recommending these products is invaluable and another version of this type is:

Customers also shopped for

Screenshot 2016-03-23 10.55.40

ecommerce product recommendation customers also shopped for


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