20 Ecommerce Tips to Prepare for Black Friday – Cyber Monday

20 Ecommerce Tips to Prepare for Black Friday – Cyber Monday

It’s been an absolute honour to support our community over the last few months with the eCommerce Growth Show and we wanted to personally thank all the great thought leaders that have been involved so far that have carved out time from their busy schedules to contribute to the show!

Now we are firmly into the Golden Quarter, we’re privileged to be able to share “the most important thing to bear in mind for Black Friday and Cyber Monday” from 20 of those thought leaders that featured on the show as well as a number of key influencers in our community!

So, check out these awesome snippets of wisdom from “Max Saleh, Alistair Morrison, Brett Lawrence, Chloë Thomas, David Williams, Gary Hammond, James Barlow, Jimmy Hickey, Josh Boone, Josh Taylor, Kevin Urrutia, Lisa Luxford, Sara Arthrell, Sarah Braud, Simon Calvert, Simon Homent, Sinem Yazici, Stephen Carl, Tadhg Bowe, Tash Jones” and ensure your preparations are bullet proofed!

  1. “Optimise your push campaigns to create a brand new revenue stream worth 2% of your revenue!”

    Max Saleh – E-Commerce Personalisation Consultant @Segmentify

  2. “Test your site in the most realistic way possible and push it to its limits!”

    Alistair Morrison – Head of Business Development @Tribe

  3. “Think about every aspect of the customer journey!”

    Brett Lawrence – Business Consultancy Director @Inviqa

  4. “Why and how you should really focus on getting your promotions right!”

    Chloë Thomas – Author and Podcast Host

  5. “Prepare, be COVID friendly and expect the unexpected!”

    David Williams – Founder @DHW Digital

  6. “Make refunds clear, build your mailing list and retarget for future events!”

    Gary Hammond – Head of Product @Kooomo

  7. “Put yourself in your customers’ shoes when launching your promotions!”

    James Barlow – UK and IRL Manager @Akeneo

  8. “Keep it simple!”

    Jimmy Hickey – Founder @Findlay Hats

  9. “Don’t burn your runway at the expense of long term growth and don’t burn yourselves out!”

    Josh Boone – Founder @Pure Web Results

  10. “How merchants can ensure success during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Single’s day period!”

    Josh Taylor – Sales Manager @Adyen Manchester

  11. BFCM
  12. “Know your credit card limits and charges from your bank!”

    Kevin Urrutia – Founder @Voy Media

  13. “Make sure your ratings and reviews are sorted!”

    Lisa Luxford @CheckoutSmart

  14. “Perfect the customer experience after the buy button!”

    Sara Arthrell – Global Product Marketing Director @Brightpearl

  15. “Make your buyer the hero of the story you are telling!”

    Sarah Braud – CEO @Braud Creative

  16. “Model and prepare the teams for different scenarios to ensure profitablitlity and a seamless customer experience!”

    Simon Calvert – Founder @Future Today Retail

  17. “Create the best user experience, be honest and do a post-mortem to learn for next year!”

    Simon Homent – Head of Online @GAME Digital

  18. “Start early, control your supply chain and be creative!”

    Sinem Yazici – Strategic Partnerships Lead @Byrd Technologies

  19. “Having marketed through a dozen Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays, here’s what you need to know for 2020!”

    Stephen Carl – Founder @Needle Movement

  20. “Never assume the user journey is perfect on your site, keep testing and improving it!”

    Tadhg Bowe – Magento Solutions Consultant @Monsoon Consulting

  21. “Get your back office and suppliers in check!”

    Tash Jones – European Channel Manager @SmartFreight

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