12 Tips to Boost Sales for eCommerce Personalisation

12 Tips to Boost Sales for eCommerce Personalisation
If your business is not yet using eCommerce personalisation then you’re losing sales. Millions are lost every year by companies with poor personalisation on their eCommerce platform. But if you get it right, your business could reap major rewards.
It has been shown that the more targeted online shopping content is, the more likely consumers are to part with their cash.
Here are some ways in which personalisation can work for your business:

  1. Tailor the search results each visitor receives

By using what you know about a customer’s previous browsing habits you can show them personalised search results, shorten the conversion funnel and act as their personal shopping assistant throughout their purchase journey.

  1. Make use of email to alert customers to new offers

Alert visitors through personalised email of special offers or similar product lines related to items they’ve previously bought or browsed.


  1. Offer them a discount they can’t refuse

Ensure that visitors to your site are offered discounts, coupons and offers tailored to what they’re actually interested in.

  1. Ensure products are sorted by levels of interest

How long are site visitors spending looking at one kind of product compared to another? Next time they visit, ensure they’re shown the products that have previously commanded their attention.

  1. Show customers products that complement what they’re buying

Successful online clothing retailers have frequently utilised personalised product recommendations to complement what visitors’ purchases. For instance, someone buying a new dress may be offered accessories or shoes that complete the outfit. Or if a shopper is looking for a laptop in a specific price range, they will also be shown accessories to match that price range, keeping the shoppers budget in mind. 

  1. Grab attention with push notifications

A personalised web push notification that appears on a visitor’s phones or web browser has been shown to be a powerful way to grab return customers.

  1. Remind shoppers of their previous purchases

Sales are often based on habit and familiarity. Remind browsers who visit your site that they’ve previously bought items from you. 

  1. Welcome returning visitors with a personalised message

Give online shopping customers the kind of friendly greeting they might get from a brick and mortar store.

  1. Turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors

They’ve already shown that they love your products, so why not offer regular customers free gifts, competitions and first glimpses at new lines when they share your marketing content.

  1. Send replenishment reminders

If you sell something that a customer will need to purchase on a regular basis then ensure they receive a reminder email or push notification to do just that.

  1. Tailor digital shop fronts and web banners to reflect market segmentation

Even the look of your site can change based on the habits and preferences of your visitors.

  1. Remind visitors of their previous browsing history

One of the simplest and most effective ways to grab more sales is to remind people what they looked at the last time they paid you a visit. You’ll be surprised at how many of your potential customers simply got up to make a cup of tea and forgot to complete their purchase.