Setting Up Email Campaigns with Mailchimp

Setting Up Email Campaigns with Mailchimp

It is super easy to send personalised emails and make relevant recommendations to your customers.


You can start sending personalised emails in 3 days as Segmentify integration with Mailchimp is ready in place. Select your scenario based on your goal – win back, retention or grow – and your target audience. After you go live, start monitoring performance in real-time and get insights for each campaign.

Steps to Follow

Provide Access to Your Mailchimp Account

Authorize Segmentify Customer Success team by giving access to and activate Mandrill to enable transactional emails.

Configure Sender Domain Settings

If you already have a designated sender email address, we can use this address as well to send personalised emails. Please make sure that SPF, DKIM and DNS settings are in place. That’s all on your part. We’ll take care of the rest.

Email Template

For each email scenario, one ready-to-use html template is available. We can customize these templates for you or use your current templates that are already available on your Mandrill account.

Integration and Data Collection

To enable you to send personalised emails to your segmented customers based on their behaviors on your website, we collect data. To collect data, our customer success team makes an integration between your website and Segmentify engines. So, our engines can track your visitors and associate the ones who logs in or registers to your website.

Email Scenario Activation

The email campaigns that are set up on Segmentify engines and the email templates on Mandrill are working together automatically. Before going live, we send test emails to the test groups and make sure that the algorithms and UI work as requested. After your approval, we go live. 

Opt-in , Opt-out & Blacklist Process

The opt-in and opt-out process is managed in real-time by Segmentify email engines as requests are processed immediately by Segmentify servers.  If you have a black-list data, we make an integration before the email campaigns go live.


You can monitor your email campaigns’ performance in real-time. The reporting dashboard illustrates keymetrics – sent, read, click figures- and the associated behaviors based on products. For each scenario, you can see CTR and conversion rates and have insights about the high performing and low performing campaigns.