All recommendation campaigns are listed here. Campaigns can be sorted and filtered within this area. Editing and other features can also be accessed on campaign details.

Search Box

Campaigns be able to search by campaign name. At the same time segmentify provides that campaigns can be listed via campaigns conversion and campaigns create time.

PageType List

There are page types in the left menu, you can view campaigns running on a specific page.
Home Page, Category Page, Product Page, Basket Page, Search Page, and Error Page are the standard page type of segmentify, and the campaigns are listed by page type.
Custom Page Segmentify lists campaigns that are not from standard pages.
Trigger Based Campaign lists campaigns that trigger.
For example, only the campaigns running on the Home Page can be viewed.

Campaign Status

Segmentify campaigns have 3 different status. it can be Live , Test or Archive.

  • Live Campaigns : Only campaigns that are live are listed. All of your visitors view this campaigns on your website.
  • Test Campaigns: Which campaigns mode is test are listed.These campaigns are not displayed on your visitors.
    Only displayed when Segmentify Test Mode is active. (You could activate it via this plugin)
  • Completed Campaigns : Only old and completed campaigns are listed. You can get the campaign on test mode via Go Test button

Channel Filter

  • Desktop : Only the campaigns that your desktop users can view are listed.
  • Mobile Web : Only the campaigns that your using phone and tablet users can view are listed.
  • Android : Only the campaigns that your users using the android device can view are listed.
  • iOS : Only the campaigns that your users using the iOS device can view are listed.

In addition, if you select multiple, only the campaigns in the criterion you select are listed.

Box shows where all campaign details are displayed or all customization options are available.

    1. Page Type :That box displays page type information , it can be Home Page, Category Page, Search Page, 404 Pages , Basket Pages or Custom Page.
    2. Campaign Title :That box shows campaign title. it is customizable area  , it can be reference to campaign algorithm detail
    3. Campaign Date Range :That box shows campaign lifetime value.
    4. Campaign Devices :That box points campaign channel information. Some campaigns can be working multiple channel.
    5. Test – Live Status :That box shows campaign status mode. Campaign status mode can easily change with it.
    6. Actions :
      • Edit :Campaign parameters can be edited. it can just refer to campaign edit page.
        For detail information click
      • Report :Campaign results are reported. it can just refer to campaign report page.
      • Archive :It moves campaign status to the archive , it means that the campaign doesn’t work as well as live and test mode.
    7. Campaign Report :
      • Widget :Indicate this recommendation widget have actually been seen by your visitors.
      • Click :Shows how many times products inside this recommendation widget are clicked by the visitor.
      • Basket :shows how many products are added to basket by Segmentify recommendation widget. This number is total number of items added to basket via recommendation campaign.If a visitor adds two of same product after clicking inside a recommendation widget, it is counted as two items.
      • Revenue :Shows total monetary amount of products sold by this recommendation widget. Segmentify only tracks the products clicked from this recommendation widget in the same session.
        If a visitor buys two products, but only clicks one from this recommendation widget, only the one clicked is added to Segmentify’s contribution to revenue.
        For detail information click
    8. Total Revenue :
      The amount of sales is shown since the campaign was created.