Support How to Articles Form – Survey Edit Page Overview

Create, edit and personalize your surveys.

Survey campaigns consist essentially of the following components;

  1. Widget Title: The title you choose for your visitors to see.
  2. Widget Description: The area that will appear under the title.
  3. Submit Button: The text on the confirmation button will appear like this.
  4. Form Fields:
    • Input Field: You can use it to get information from the user like their name, surname or e-mail address.
    • TextArea Field: You can use it to get comments from the user.
    • Checkbox Field: You can use it to create multiple selections for the user
    • Radio Button Fields: You can use it to make a single choice for the user.
  5. Position, Timing & Frequency, Target Audience: You can edit and personalize your widget with style, position, timing and audience buttons.
  6. Position: You can edit the widget’s alignment position.
  7. Timing & Frequency: You can edit the timing and frequency of when the e-mail collection widget will come up.
  8. Target Audience: You can personalize the widget to be displayed to your target audience.
  9. Campaign Subject: You can write a subject to the campaign which visitors can’t see. It is Only used to point the campaign name, it is mostly similar to the algorithm of the campaign.
  10. Start -End Date: States the campaign’s beginning and ending dates.
  11. Device Types: States the device that the campaign is displayed in.
    • Web: Indicates that the campaign is active only in desktop devices.
    • Mobile: Indicates that the campaign is active only in mobile devices.
    • Android: Indicates that the campaign is active only in Android App devices.
    • iOS: Indicates that the campaign is active only in iOS App devices.
  12. Publish Recommendation Widget:
    • Target Div Selector: Position your widget’s location with css tags on the page.
    • Go Test: Converts the campaigns’ status from live to test. Test status campaigns are not displayed to your visitors. They are only displayed to you when Segmentify Test Mode is active. (You could activate it via this plugin)
    • Go Live: Converts the campaigns’ status from test to live.

Target Audience

The field where the target audience of the campaign is identified.

  • Visitor Segment: The field where you can select your target segment. Algorithm can run for the specified segment or for users outside that segment based on your preferences.
  • Visitor Type: Determine type of your target visitor. You can select from 3 different types; New, Registered or Also you can select to exclude the type of visitor of your choice.