Does Segmentify slow down my web site?

No, Segmentify works asynchrone, so it doesn’t have any negative effect.

Which credit cards do you accept for payment?

You can pay with Visa and Mastercard.

Can I customize Segmentify widgets?

Yes, you can use your own css classes and can change widget html in Segmentify Panel.

With which email service provider is Segmentify integrated with?

Mailchimp and Sendloop.

Can I add the JS code via GTM?

Yes, you can.

How can we see our campaigns before going live?

You can see your campaigns in test mode using Segmentify Chrome extention.

Can I create a campaign that works within a specific time?

Yes, you can create a campaign with start and end date.

Can I create more than one campaign per site?

Yes, you can create as many campaigns as you want. You just need to specify each campaign’s target selector.

How long does it take you to integrate my website with Segmentify?

1 day for integration, 1 another day to making basic campaigns ready.