Support How to Articles / Engagement List Page Overview

All engagement campaigns are listed here. Campaigns can be sorted and filtered within this area.

1. Engagement Type List


  • Popup Banner
  • Popup Recommendation
  • E-Mail Collection
  • Form Survey


  • Push Permission
  • Push Notification
  • Push Recommendation
  • Notification Bar


2. Campaign Status

Segmentify has 3 Campaign Statuses; Live, Test and Archive.

  • Live Campaigns: If selected, only live campaigns will be listed. Live Campaigns can be viewed by all of your visitors on your website.
  • Test Campaigns: If selected, only test-mode campaigns will be listed. Test Campaigns are not displayed to your visitors. They can only be viewed when Segmentify Test Mode is active. (You can activate it via this plugin)
  • Archived Campaigns: If selected only old and completed campaigns will be listed. You can get the campaign on test mode via Go Test button.

3. Channel Filter

  • Desktop: If selected, only the campaigns that are displayed to your desktop users will be listed.
  • Mobile Web: If selected, only the campaigns that are displayed to your smartphone and tablet users will be listed.
  • Android: If selected, only the campaigns that are displayed to your android device users will be listed.
  • iOS: If selected, only the campaigns that are displayed to your IOS device users will be listed.

You can make multiple selections.

4. Campaign Overview

All campaign details and available customization options are displayed in the box.

  1. Engagement Type: Indicates the campaigns’ type of engagement.
  2. Campaign Title: Indicates the campaign’s title, it is a customizable area and it can be a reference to campaign’s algorithm detail.
  3. Campaign Date Range: Indicates the campaign’s lifetime.
  4. Campaign Devices: Indicates the campaign’s channel information, some campaigns can be working on multiple channels.
  5. Test – Live Status: Indicates the campaign’s status. You can easily change the status of a campaign with it.
  6. Actions:
    • Edit: Campaign parameters can be edited. For detail information click
    • Report: Directs you to campaign report page where the campaign results are displayed.
    • Archive: Changes the campaign’s status and moves it to
  7. Campaign Report:
    • Widget: Indicates how many times this engagement widget is viewed by your visitors.
    • Interaction: Indicates how many times products inside this engagement widget are clicked by your visitors.
    • Basket: Indicates how many products are added to the basket through this engagement widget. This is the total number of items added to the basket via engagement campaign. If a visitor adds two same products after clicking inside an engagement widget, it is counted as two items.
    • Revenue: Indicates the total monetary amount of products sold by this engagement widget. Segmentify only tracks the purchased products that are directed from this engagement widget in the same session. If a visitor purchases two products where only one was directed from this engagement widget, only the directed product will be added to Segmentify’s contribution to revenue. For detail information click