Polish leader of online furniture retail maintains a consistent 5% contribution from single-page type Segmentify campaigns.

Offering a broad range of products does a lot for your brand image, is, however, a challenge in ecommerce.

At Sfmeble.pl, we don’t limit ourselves to just one style. Because we believe that everyone is unique and has their own taste. Are you drawn to Scandinavia and its timeless simplicity and unforgettable coziness? Are you closer to the ascetic interiors in a modern style?

Well, you name it and we have it for you. From entire living room interiors to tiny details we promise to offer something for everyone and of every taste. We like to think of our wide product range as an inspiration to those who would like to mix & match and play with decoration ideas instead of sticking to just one style.

Our approach and strong belief in offering a wider product catalog than the average online furniture retail store has always been one of the main forces driving customers to our brand. It has had, however, one slight glitch. The wider the product range, the harder it is for online visitors to find what they’re looking for.

In offline stores, customers can enjoy the company of shop assistants to guide them towards the products they’re looking for – be it personal recommendations, occasional campaigns or a standard shopping spree like ‘newly weds. This is, however, quite hard to achieve in ecommerce, where you don’t come face to face with your customers.

Luckily, Segmentify’s personalised product recommendations do the job of an offline shop assistant in your online store.

We were having a hard time keeping and converting online visitors. Ecommerce is inherently quite different compared to offline retail. Online visitors usually linger on your website for around 2 minutes and immediately leave if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Before that 2 minutes – ideally in milliseconds- , you have to be able detect their interests and offer them the most relevant products.

Once we defined the challenge, we immediately knew that we needed to implement a machine-learning based personalisation to our website, so we found Segmentify.

  • 4m

    Monthly Pageviews

  • 50k

    Monthly Widget Clicks

  • 600k

    Monthly Orders from Recommendations

The whole integration process was fast and super easy on our side. It took just five days and all we had to do was add one line of js-code to our web pages.

After exchanging some ideas with our Dedicated Success Manager from Segmentify we decided that implementing different campaigns on our Product Detail Pages, which we believe are the make or break pages in an online shopping journey.

Segmentify’s Customer Success team completely meets our needs and even exceeds them. They do not only take swift actions but also provide us know-how on the area they expertise in – machine-learning based personalised recommendations.

Segmentify’s Customer Success team has been of great help. Their close care and attention is not limited to the free trial phase. They continue to nurture us with know-how in machine learning and make frequent controls to make sure we’re getting returns from our campaigns.

We are now running 3 different campaigns on our Product Detail Pages:

  • Viewed Together as a nice cross-sell opportunity to convince customers to order multiple items at once
  • Alternative Products from the same brand for customers who tend to shop from the same brands again and again.
  • Alternative Products from the same category so that customers can feel free to choose.

On a monthly basis, more than 500 products on our site are ordered from Segmentify widgets. Segmentify’s contribution to our online revenue is a consistent 5% from the campaigns running just on one single page type!

The average onsite personalised recommendations’ contribution is around 10% in our industry. So, seeing a 5% from just one page type means a lot to us.

Jan Guenther
Jan Guenther Sfmeble Co-founder