Online fashion retail giant Sateen multiplied its ROI six-fold, thanks to Segmentify’s Personalised Push Notifications.

What were you looking for?

We were in search of a third party solution that would contribute more to our revenue than it costed us. At that point, we started working with Segmentify. We are now using personalised product recommendations and push notifications.

The results we received from both solutions were truly amazing. This means that more than 5000 products are sold through Segmentify widgets in a month.

However, what truly shined in our work together was Personalised Push Notifications.

sateen recommendation widget

Segmentify contribution to our online revenue from onsite product recommendations is around 14% now. That means more than 5000 products are sold through Segmentify widgets each month!

Since deciding to expand our marketing activities with simple and effective messaging through push notifications in August 2018, our the number push notifications we send in one month exceeded 1M and the campaign impression rates reached around 70%. This means by just setting automated campaigns once, we get to enjoy a basket rate of 23%, of which 2% ends up in a purchase!

  • 1m

    Monthly Push Sent

  • 70%

    Widget Impression Rate

  • 4%

    Revenue Uplift


Did you see pleasing results from Segmentify Personalised Push Notifications?

Getting started with Segmentify Push Notifications took just 1 day and minimum IT-dependency on our side. Creating push notification campaigns, that would in return bring us a 4% revenue uplift, requires minimum effort from our marketing team.

They consist of simple and spot-on texts that need little to no effort to write. And once you set the automated campaigns on the panel, you can just forget about them. The campaigns trigger themselves with predefined customer actions, leaving you to only enjoy the increase in your online sales.

With Segmentify’s Personalised Push Notifications, we are able to profit 6 times more than what we are paying.

Not only speaking in terms of time or employee hours, but also financially, push notifications cost very little of your time and money, in return to what they can provide for an ecommerce business.

Orkun Kurt
Orkun Kurt Sateen Founder