Reis Jewellery Success Story

Segmentify’s Personalised Solutions helped Reis Jewellery increase their conversion rates by 4x!

When we first met with Segmentify, we did not believe that we could overcome the integration processes so easily. The solution-oriented approach of the Segmentify team and their suggestions in line with the spirit of our brand have been the key to this measurable success we have achieved together.

eCommerce Strategy Consultant – Muratcan Taşdelen


Started as a small jewellery shop in 1982, Reis Jewellery have rebranded themselves in 2010 as a sophisticated and elegant jewellery shop. Their purpose is to make the word “gold” humble, which they say sounds extremely flamboyant upon hearing. Reis Jewellery continues to adorn the necks of people around the world, mixing tradition with minimalistic designs.

The Results

Upon examining the performance of our 2021 campaigns for Reis Jewellery, we saw these results: Throughout 2021, a 6% increase in AOV and 4x higher conversion rates were observed. In addition to that, 26% of total sales came through Segmentify’s Personalised Recommendation widgets. As a result, a total 43% contribution rate came from Segmentify modules used on the website. 


Increase in AOV


Increase in Conversion Rates


Contribution Rate from Segmentify Modules