Odamax reached a 37% CTR with the help and know-how of our Customer Success Team.

What were your concerns while choosing the right product?

We were in need of a recommendation system that would be able to generate the most accurate recommendations for our customers. Being a hotel-reservation website the whole commercing process can be quite different compared to usual ecommerce websites.

Since, you wouldn’t book two hotels at the same time, you only have one shot at recommending each customer the exact offers they need.

That’s why for a hotel-reservation website accurate product recommendations mean the world. You have to be able to navigate customer’s journey in the most efficient way possible and make sure they book a hotel from your website.

We needed a third-party personalisation tool that would make the most accurate personalised recommendations for each visitor, which would also not require too much IT-effort on our side.

Scalability was also a crucial issue on our part. The personalisation tool we were to implement on our website had to be able to scale to seasonal changes you come across in the tourism sector.

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    Monthly Widget Interactions

Are there any particular attributes you look for in business partners?

Definitely! Being responsive and coming up with immediate solutions is a must, because since we don’t have transactional numbers as high as regular ecommerce websites, every sales opportunity is more than important to us.

Our business partners need to be fast and adapt to the agile work process we run.

We required on-the-go support and problem solving from the partner that we were going to choose. We didn’t want to work with a team that would only do the required minimum at the beginning and then check on our account every once in a while, which usually is the case with third party solutions.

To move forward to working together, we needed to see that our business partners were not only quick and agile to solve our problems, but also competent enough come up with new business ideas for us.

Segmentify’s Customer Success team completely meets our needs and even exceeds them. They do not only take swift actions but also provide us know-how on the area they expertise in – machine-learning based personalised recommendations.

How was the Segmentify integration process?

As I’ve mentioned before we were looking for a tool that wouldn’t require any IT-effort on our side – both during the integration process and afterwards.

After going back and forth a few times with some ideas, the campaigns were set and we were ready to go live.

When the one line of js-code implementation was done, Segmentify’s Success Team completed the integration and prepared our first campaigns for us. 

With Segmentify, all we needed to do was add just one line of JS-code to our webpages and that was it. Segmentify Success Team completed the rest and we were ready to go in just 5 days!

Did you see pleasing results?

As I’ve mentioned previously, since we don’t operate like a usual ecommerce website, the key metrics we care for in our Segmentify campaigns are a bit different. Our main KPI is always the click-through rates on the Segmentify widgets.

If a customer is already browsing hotels in a certain destination, naturally, you don’t have much room to move. You can’t recommend a hotel in Barcelona to someone who’s looking for a place to stay in London. But working together with Segmentify Success Team we’ve come up with new ideas to guide the customer journey anyhow.

Our best performing campaigns are ‘This Region’s Most Popular Hotels’ on our category page and ‘Customers Also Viewed’ on our product page with respectively 37% and 29% click-through rates.

You can’t possibly guess where a customer will want to go next. It can be a luxurious hotel in a big city or a small rural village house near the coast.

To eliminate this problem, we’ve come up with Tabs Recommendation on our homepage. It lists the most popular hotels in the most popular destinations. It offers a nice list of possible destinations and we’re quite pleased with the results. A very nice touch on our homepage.

Deniz Ulus
Deniz Ulus Odamax Digital Marketing Supervisor