Customer oriented hotel reservation platform Odamax, reached 38% basket rate with seasonal category recommendations suggested by our Customer Success Team.

What were your concerns while choosing the right product?

We were in need of a recommendation system that would be able to generate the most accurate recommendations, and which would require zero IT-dependency during the implementation process.

We required on-the-go support and problem solving from the partner that we were going to choose. We didn’t want to work with a team that would only do the required minimum at the beginning and then check on our account every once in a while, which usually is the case with third party solutions.

To move forward to working together, we needed to see that our business partners were not only quick and agile to solve our problems, but also competent enough come up with new business ideas in the area they expertise – personalised product recommendations.

How did Segmentify solve your problem?

Segmentify’s Customer Success Team started to show what it’s worth right at the beginning. Before starting to work together, we heard their ideas about which features and campaigns best fit our needs. After going back and forth a few times, the campaigns were set and we were ready to go live.

  • 1m

    Monthly Push Sent

  • 70%

    Impression Rate

  • 4%

    Revenue Uplift

The whole integration process took just 5 days, and our IT department didn’t even move a finger! After we implemented the code, Segmentify’s Success Team completed the integration and prepared our first campaigns for us. Fair to say, it was fast and effortless!

Did you see pleasing results?

By generating seasonal category recommendations on our homepage as recommended by the Segmentify Customer Success Team, we’re able to differentiate between popular winter and summer locations, which is a great part of our job.

Our basket rate reached 38% simply by recommending the right destinations during the right seasons with Segmentify widgets.

Orkun Kurt
Orkun Kurt Sateen Founder