n11.com Case Study


Marketplace giant with 80M monthly visitors n11.com increased their daily transaction volume by 25% with Segmentify Solutions.


Company Background

n11.com (Doğuş Planet Joint Company) established in June 2012, is a joint venture between Doğuş Group and Korean SK Group focusing on the eCommerce sector. Doğuş Planet brings together SK Group’s background in technology and innovation with Doğuş Group’s local expertise, regional experience, and strong assets.

Resulting from this strong partnership, Doğuş Planet launched its new eCommerce investment, n11.com, in the first quarter of 2013. This new venture operates as an open market platform connecting diverse stores and brands with millions of customers. We move in line with our strategy to provide value propositions based on trust and convenience to customers and support and care to shops and brands within an ecosystem built upon a strong integration with strategic partners. Our mission is to be the formative power in reshaping the Turkish eCommerce sector by providing innovative services to customers and stores. Our manner of support differentiates us from other brands.


Since the launch of the company, n11.com has developed for the better each day and increased the level of customer satisfaction. The key to success, for n11.com, is creating happy customers that will visit the site multiple times. Our main goal is to improve customers’ on-site and after- sale experiences. To measure these experiences, in addition to direct customer feedback, we use metrics such as numbers of visits, visitors, buyers, buyer frequency, members, opt-in members, and more.

Current Figures


Visit / Month


Unique Visits / Month

$18.5 M

11.11.16 – GMV

Our main goal is to improve customers’ on-site and after-sale experiences. To measure these experiences, in addition to direct customer feedback, we use metrics such as numbers of visits, visitors, buyers, buyer frequency, members, opt-in members, and more. Our long term goals consist of increasing these metrics besides the transaction volume.

Challenges and Concerns

There are 10 main categories on n11.com. We keep our eyes on them and frequently make analyses to measure their performance, especially in terms of their traffic efficiency. During these analyses, we observed that one of these categories had a considerably higher bounce rate than others for visitors who land on n11.com site from paid Google channels.

The category in question would like to take actions to keep customers on site as well, but first of all, roots should have been defined. We needed to learn the reason why visitors leave n11.com right away from this category, so we had to ask them in person. We could have asked our in-house IT department to create and distribute a survey, but its implementation and performance measurement could have taken weeks. Segmentify met our requests on this issue, and we started showing the survey on related category to related customers. This process took only one week.

When we want to make a campaign or development, the first thing we need to measure is the due date to make it live. Making technical developments in-house generally requires longer durations due to priority of requests on the IT department. Eventually, this situation leads to delays on achieving goals. In case of this survey, Segmentify was the fastest and most efficient solution.

Why Segmentify?

For the last two years, Segmentify has been one of our main partners in terms of one on one communication with customers on site. From the very first moment we got in touch with Segmetify team, we built a common language. They have strong expertise and knowhow in eCommerce and technology, which makes them a perfect partner for us. They easily grasp our problems and the goals we try to achieve. The second reason why we chose Segmentify as our partner is their capability and flexibility in fullfilling our custom needs in a short time. The best part is, we don’t have to rely on our IT team to get the results. We were seamlessly onboarded and our campaigns were live in a very short period of time just as we imagined.

Achieved with Segmentify

After we defined our request in detail to Segmentify, it took almost a week to see the survey live. After having the results, we decided to make a second phase to get a more detailed reason for high bounce rates. Responses were very logical, and there was enough data to be presented to categories and managers. The sales department has started taking actions, and our further survey projects will go on. A more detailed project is waiting to be developed already.

We completed the implementation process with Segmentify almost two years ago; since then we haven’t needed any additional comprehensive technical developments. At n11, our IT team is completely in-house and they are always busy with constant developments. Under these circumstances, sometimes it is hard for business departments to prioritize requests. Segmentify was more than cooperative during the main implementation process, and the rest relatively easier projects were implemented by Segmentify very quickly.

As mentioned before, Segmentify is the only way for us to request e-mail permission from opt-out members. After getting started with the opt-in campaign, our rates increased by 10%. This eventually resulted in increased communication volume and transaction volume on our side. Based on the campaigns we make with Segmentify, our daily transaction volume increased up to 25%. Thanks to this number, Segmentify is categorized as an SOS tool for the sales department.

“Segmentify is categorized as an SOS tool for the sales department.”


Daily transaction volume

Most Liked about Segmentify

As mentioned before, the main reason for being able to keep a long-term relationship with Segmentify is their very agile and flexible responses to our requests. We feed each other with ideas and quick responses, and usually provide an efficient, positive answer. They even come up with suggestions which go beyond our expectations.

We have currently seven automated campaigns developed by Segmentify upon our requests, and all of them function with 1-1 logic. Segmentify is one of the two tools that we can contact with our visitors’ real time on site, and we take advantage of it.

Thanks to these automated campaigns, we gain GMV, buyers, and visitors on certain pages. For instance, Segmentify is the only way to request e-mail permission from our registered users who have opted-out. After Segmentify campaign, our new members’ opt-in rates increased by 10%.

Öykü Kulaksız
Traffic and Member Management Supervisor