ilove logo 1’s user interaction rate increased by more than 20% ever since adopting Segmentify Personalization Solutions.
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Company Background is working in the area of online video marketing and supply generation. We are providing technology and services for other companies to generate video advertising content for their websites.

Originally founded as Castaclip GmbH in 2009, we are now one of the world’s fastest-growing video companies with offices in Berlin, London, Miami, and Bangkok. is available in four languages and 18 countries. With over 50 content partners, including FashionTV, E! Entertainment and SNTV, we deliver over 120 million streams per month in Europe, Asia and North America from a catalog of over 100,000 short-form videos spanning categories such as food, fashion, beauty, style, and celebrities. addresses a growing market opportunity with the industry’s first full-stack online video platform. We builded it for professional producers and owners of the short-form video who need to improve the monetization of their content and expose it to a wider audience.