HediyeSepeti Success Story

HediyeSepeti Success Story

Company Background

HediyeSepeti is an eCommerce store offering reliable, sincere, and well-thought out gifts for those who want to treat themselves and their loved ones. Since we were founded in 2009 we have grown to a team of 30, and have constantly pursued the goal of being the market leader when it comes to gifts.


To define our short-term goals, I would say our number-one priority is making sure that HediyeSepeti is the first name that pops into customers’ minds when it comes to gifts nationally. Our long-term goal is to achieve this same status internationally.

Challenges and Concerns

One of the most essential requirements of eCommerce is the ability to show the customers the exact products they’re looking for. Achieving this is what we are focused on. When it comes to gift giving, things can often be somewhat confusing. This is because the purchasing patterns of consumers tend to change depending on who they are purchasing the gifts for. The same customer may purchase two completely different products under two different circumstances – for instance, whether they’re buying a gift for their spouse or for a co-worker. Analyzing this pattern with just CRM data is very risky. In fact, it is almost impossible.

We needed to detect and recognize customers’ real-time behaviour and the landing pages they happen to be visiting at the time.

Our main goal is to be able to respond to customers’ requests as quickly as possible, and to convince them that they can actually find everything they’re looking for on HediyeSepeti.

The most efficient way to guide your customers to the products they’re looking for is to simply ask them questions. However, customers can tend to avoid giving out their information easily. And it is exactly because of this that we need an algorithm that can process all the data in the background and recommend the most appropriate products to customers in real-time.

We have always preferred to work with a tool that will have the shortest possible response times, while being able to gather information simultaneously. Segmentify meets both of these requirements. It can do this because it is able to process scalable data in real-time, and utilizes machine-learning technology for continuous learning that constantly improves overall quality.

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Why Segmentify?

I believe that we are one of the first ever customers of Segmentify. I participated in one of their one-month free trial offerings. We exchanged ideas nonstop during this process, and co-founder Murat Soysal’s positive approach towards our requests has led to a long-term business relationship between HediyeSepeti and Segmentify.

Segmentify definitely offers the easiest integration when compared with most of the 3rd party tools we have used before. Their Customer Success team is simply amazing, and has been following through on our needs without any complications to this day.

Achieved with Segmentify

Our own software offers a simple algorithm that chooses the products that are to be shown to visitors. However, it requires a completely separate engineering process to generate an algorithm that optimizes the purchasing process for each individual customer and their online behaviors. Working together with Segmentify on this issue not only solves our needs for software development, but also offers our customers a better online shopping experience. The increase in our conversion rates really tells it all, and shows us that this is actually working. Even the most ordinary campaigns increase sales around 3% to 6% – not to mention the amazing returns we often get from special campaigns.

Even the most ordinary campaigns increase sales around 3% to 6% – not to mention the amazing returns we often get from special campaigns.

The experience I want to talk about next is not directly about the power of personalization, but instead is about the power of Segmentify: At HediyeSepeti, we sell gifts that will make our customers and their loved ones feel special about themselves. Therefore, the majority of our customers don’t actually shop for themselves on our website, often making it difficult to recommend personalized products. That’s why our Checkout Success Page campaigns haven’t always been a major success for us. But with Segmentify, we’ve replaced personalized offers on the checkout page with popular products under a certain amount. What’s more, customers get to add these products to their baskets with a single click. The number of customers completing a purchase with multiple products increased by 5% with this new practice alone!

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Segmentify Widgets Impression Rate

“The rate of completing a purchase with multiple products increased by 5% with our new practice with Segmentify!”

Most Liked about Segmentify

Three main aspects shine out. First of all, the strength of their software, the simplicity of their interface, and overall user-friendliness are simply amazing. Second is their fantastic Customer Success team, that replies back in no time at all and strives to meet all of our needs. Last but not least, and maybe the part I value the most, would be their undeniable contribution to the eCommerce world. Not to forget the monthly eCommerce Meetups they put together completely free-of-charge for everyone to learn and enjoy.

HediyeSepeti Team

İlyas Erişmiş
Co-owner, Managing Partner – Hediyesepeti