Chakra Success Story


Company Background

Chakra was founded in 2005 as an affiliate company of Kocaer Textile. With its sumptuous collections that focus on stimulating the tactile senses with bamboo-based products, Chakra has always been a customer favorite. We started its eCommerce journey in 2012 as, and have come a long way since then. 


Chakra was formed with the goal of transporting the positive energy of nature into private living spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. In that regard, Chakra has always been one of the first names when it comes to high-end bedroom and bathroom products and decor. Our primary goal is to convey this level of status to our online operations, as well maintain the same level of brand recognition in our offline stores.

Challenges and Concerns

We needed to start building a communications strategy based on modern technologies for better understanding, analyzing and measuring the behavior of our online customers. In the past, our customer engagement had been limited to bulk messages sent to vast audiences through a very narrow communication channel with ordinary content that failed to engage customers. We were not getting positive returns, and we were unable to measure and analyze our customer relations.

We knew we needed to get started with email marketing during our first meeting with Segmentify. Our goal was to impact customers’ purchase decisions and increase our income by reminding them of products that were left in the cart or didn’t go any further than being viewed. Initial design and testing processes moved along very smoothly. The results we got from email campaigns got better and better each day.

Initial design and testing processes moved along very smoothly. The results we got from email campaigns got better and better each day.

Chakra Widget

Why Segmentify?

There were a couple of critical factors for us in searching for the right solution for our company. The first was integration speed. After we made up our minds on the necessity of a personalization platform, we didn’t want to waste any time. Luckily, Segmentify’s integration process was completed in just a few days, and we went live with our first campaigns immediately after.

The integration process was very quick and easy. All we had to do was add one line of JavaScript code to our webpage, and the Segmentify on-boarding team took care of the rest.

We first learned about Segmentify through our digital agency. When we researched them further, we saw that they worked with many well-known brands, so we decided to give them a try.

Working with a solution provider that was customer-oriented was non-negotiable. We needed someone who cared about our business goals as much as we did. Considering our lack of advanced analysis and reporting skills, this was something that was quite important in our search. Last but not least, we needed a user-friendly tool that we could operate on our own when needed. 

“Segmentify met our needs in terms of personalization, multiple platforms and analysis. We were able to create our campaigns in no time, thanks to Segmentify’s user-friendly panel!”

We are now using Segmentify’s personalized product recommendations, personalized emails and real-time conversion analytics solutions. Each of them improves and grows a different aspect of our business. We are able to grab the attention of our online customers with real-time recommendations, and we are also able to constantly remind our customers about new opportunities with personalized emails. 

When we first began working together, we asked to include customer names in our ‘Welcome’ mailings by recognizing individual customers. Segmentify looked into it and got back to us in no time to inform us on what we needed in order to make that happen. The solution was fed to our infrastructure on short notice, and the campaigns went live immediately!

Achieved with Segmentify

Segmentify provided us personalized product recommendations tailored for unique customer behaviors, and very effectively enriched our onsite marketing channels. In addition to their personalization services which yielded high returns, Bannerify, their tool for measuring and analyzing on-site banners enabled us to monitor our campaigns in real-time. 

Segmentify widgets contributed 8.5% to our May revenue.

With Segmentify’s personalized product recommendations, we are able to emphasize different products and campaigns in real-time, as well as display different widgets on our sub-pages. The best part about all this is that we are able to create and go live with these campaigns as fast as lightning.

We have also had great success and have received positive returns with Segmentify’s personalized emails. We’re more than pleased with our Abandoned Cart email campaigns.

In fact, we have achieved very pleasing results in our abandoned carts with Segmentify’s email solutions!

We’re really looking forward to Segmentify’s category-based product recommendations, considering the amount of success we have achieved so far. Their accurate product recommendations never fail to catch our online customers’ attention and encourage them to purchase more.

Most Liked about Segmentify

The fact that we can edit each widget in real-time, and view it in test mode is our favorite feature of the tool. If a widget is underperforming, we can immediately take action to improve it or we can kill it! The same goes for widgets that are performing very well. Depending on real-time trends and customer likes, we have the power to push the highest performing widgets and campaigns further. 

In addition, the results we continue to receive from product recommendations also show us that product algorithms are performing very well.

Burak Bezgin
eCommerce Operations Specialist – Chakra