Beymen Success Story


Global retail giant Beymen offers its millions of customers a fully personalized eCommerce experience using Segmentify solutions.

Beymen Success Story

Company Background

Since our establishment in 1971, Beymen has not only been a leading brand in Turkish fashion industry but achieved a respectable reputation among international fashion scene. We are currently hosting more than 400 global brands in our shops, with our own collections receiving world-class honors all over the globe. Our main premise has always been to increase the standards in the retail industry thanks to our vast experience and excellent customer relations policy.

During the second half of 2010, we have started our online sales on with the intent of bringing our leader status and creative approach onto the eCommerce field, not just as a clothing company but also spreading in areas of cosmetics, home decoration, and technology.


Considering the altitude the Beymen brand has reached in the past decade, defining our goals has become equally demanding. We believe that a brand is only as big as its customers think of it to be. That’s why we always like to identify our goal as simply ‘To be present everywhere our customers are present.’

Challenges and Concerns

Since the beginning of our eCommerce leap, we felt the necessity of meeting our customers’ needs and demands precisely at the right moment – preferably before they even asked for it!

We knew from the beginning that we had to be present in our customers’ decision-making process and be able to manage the time spent deciding in the best way possible. This all led to one outcome:

In today’s highly competitive eCommerce environment, trying to run an online store without personalization is unthinkable. What we needed was a system that was able to predict all possible requests of a customer in real-time before they even made a move.

If we wanted to achieve our goals as an online store, we ought to tell what each customer wanted before they even took any action.

We had two certain provisions while choosing the right solution for our problem:

  • A fast-responding algorithm
  • An easy integration process

In Segmentify we found both!


Why Segmentify?

We have been familiar with Segmentify since their early startup phases. The most crucial determinant in our choice was the fact that they were specialized around one single topic and were offering the best services around their area of expertise – even though we moved on to using other Segmentify solutions, as well.

To make things even better, there is only one word to describe the whole implementation process: Simple! We implemented one-line of JS code on GTM and marked the necessary areas for widgets, and that was it!

Achieved with Segmentify

Segmentify provided the personalization solutions we needed in a rather short period. It is our secret weapon when it comes to offering our customers a personalized experience. Our Segmentify widgets have an average of 71.6% impression share out of our 6 million monthly page views.

Segmentify is our secret weapon when it comes to offering our customers a personalized experience.

One of the most significant examples of how valuable Segmentify is to eCommerce business would be our basket page experience with complementary products.

We have tried to pick the recommended products manually for the customers, while they already had products in their baskets. For the first campaign, after designing a new basket page, we chose 200 products to display randomly to users on their basket pages. But the results were disappointing. The second time, we chose 2000 products, again to be shown randomly with the same design template, but once again, we failed to see any positive results. Our third campaign ran with a new design but was a failure, as well. For our fourth campaign trial, we decided to leave the whole process to the Segmentify algorithm. The results were outstanding! We had 27 transactions in just ten days.

Current Figures


Segmentify Impression Share


Monthly Pageviews

Most Liked about Segmentify

‘Segmentify’s greatest strength is their undeniable expertise in their core business area – personalized product recommendation!’

Their strong know-how and open-mindedness show in everything they do, from their product development to managing their customer relations. Their effective focus on personalized product recommendation also reveals itself in the efficiency of their complementary products – Trendify and Bannerify, which are additional tools to get better insights of one’s eCommerce business.

Beymen Team

Deniz Gürbüz
Digital Marketing Senior Manager – Beymen