Home Depot & Furniture Personalisation

Home Depot & Furniture Personalisation

What Segmentify Can Offer

Promotional badges for specific campaign
Home Depot Personalisation
Campaigns of the day
Home Depot Personalisation
Special offers and complementary products on basket page
Home Depot Personalisation
Help you visitors gain time while looking for the right product by showing them the most populars of the category
Home Depot Personalisation
Inform your customers about price drops on the products they are interested on your homepage when they are back
Home Depot Personalisation
Or by personalised emails
Home Depot Personalisation
Or push notifications
Home Depot Personalisation

How To Get Started

If you want to know why personalisation is very significant for home depot & furniture, organise a personalised demo with our experts. Our dedicated team of onboarding specialists can have your free trial up and running within 5 days, so you’ll see the results for yourself. With promises of a minimum 25% increase in Average Order Value within your 14-day free trial, you really have nothing to lose!

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Schedule a free no-obligation discovery call with one of our personalisation experts.


We’ll run you through a personalised demo according to your exact requirements.


Our team take care of all the integration & widget design at no cost for you and make your free 14-day trial ready within 5 days.

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What Can I Expect

Our team of integration experts combine your omnichannel data to provide you with the most accurate customer insights – all under one platform! Using this combined data, Segmentify makes personalised recommendations according to the unique preferences of your customers.


Integration &
Widget Design

14 Days

Free Trial &
Results Guaranteed


Average Increase Order Value
in Home Depot & Furniture


Average Return
On Investment


“Even with only half of our visitors seeing Segmentify recommendations, contribution reached 6%. This meant that we were selling 7 times more products through Segmentify widgets compared to the other company.”

Anıl Can Öztürk

Business Development Manager

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EZ Living
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