The Fashion industry is rapidly growing in e-commerce...

Retail sales worldwide reached over $25 Trillion last year.

Approximately 6% of it was due to e-commerce with almost $1.5 Trillion.

Moreover, the e-commerce ecosystem grows with more than 10% every year.

The most obvious proof of the boom of e-commerce is Alibaba's record-setting $25 billion initial public offering with a valuation of $170 billion.

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Why Fashion eCommerce Conversion Optimisation?

Fashion oriented inspiration...

The biggest part of fashion e-commerce comes from apparel and accessories with more than 17% according to a research conducted in the United States. This is where fashion e-commerce conversion rate gains it'simportance in the e-commerce market.

Online fashion sector has grown 258% in the last 5 years which makes it the best performing segment of e-commerce.

Needed to be optimised with data and love.


How to Optimise Conversion

in Fashion eCommerce websites

Real-time Analytics

with Trendify

Monitor all user behaviours on your website in real-time. User behaviours need's to be tracked in real-time with following conversion funnel.

Segment your Users

with Segmentify

After monitoring each user behaviours on your website, you should analyse their actions and create a hypothesis for each action based on their segments

KPI Based Action

with Personalized Tools

Use real-time action tools like pop-ups, forms, recommendations and other personalise actions with highly intelligent tools.

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Fashion eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation...

Since it is fashion industry, it doesn't require too much analysis to say that the biggest portion of your Customers is women. And most of those women are at the age of 20-35 of course depending on the products sold on your website. Good news is that the conversion rate is the greatest among women with almost 15% where normally conversion rate would be around 10%.

So after analyzing your Customers and having seen which gender they mostly are, which income level they have, which age group they are in and maybe even which part of the city, country or the world they are from, you should now focus on optimizing user experience using various methods designed for specific costumer groups individually at important touch points of your website such as the landing page or the add to card part or even on the payment window where you can offer related items specifically for that user also improving the shopping experience.

You should help the costumer to finish his/her purchase painless and smoothly. You need to avoid all the friction caused by long forms, boring website designs, complicated website interfaces so on and so forth.

Cem Roso

Cem Roso

UX Manager

The discovery step - where customers evaluate different alternatives – is of utmost importance in the fashion e-commerce industry. I believe the most scalable and relevant way to lead customers to this step is through real-time product recommendations.

Koray Güler

Koray Güler

Digital Marketing Manager

Conversion optimisation is very important in the fashion e-commerce industry and we’ll cover it with smart personalised recommendations that I highly recommend.

Real-time Analytics


Trendify helps you to understand easily what’s going on your website in real-time bsaed on product based conversion analysis.

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