What is Segmentify?

Segmentify is a eCommerce personalisation platform, backed with artificial intelligence technology, to help online retailers increase conversions and turn visitors into customers. The solutions we provide include engagement, personalisation and real-time data analytics.

How are the real-time personalised product recommendations generated?

We are able to bring the most accurate products for every single one of your visitors with the help of clever micro-segmentation through machine-learning technology. Two separate machines are always running, monitoring and learning everything that’s happening on your online store.
The first machine tracks visitor behavior right from the first click. It keeps on learning every action of every visitor like browsing, click, view, add to basket and purchase history. It then uses the behavior data to create micro segments of visitors with similar tendencies.
The second machine collects static data about product aspects like brand, category, price range, color and so on. For each product we identify 3 groups of products that are suitable to be recommended:
1) Alternative Products: Similar products within the same price range. Recommended when the visitor is a price-sensitive customer.
2) Upsell Products: Related products that cost more. Recommended when the visitor is a high-spender.
3) Cross-sell Products : Complementary products, or products that are usually bought together or should be utilized together.
So in the end, when a visitor is looking at a product the first machine identifies the micro-segment the visitor belongs in, all the while the second machine identifies a set of products that should be recommended to them. Each set usually contains 1000 products. Out of that 1000 products, we pinpoint the ones that have been added to basket or purchased by similar customers from the same micro segment as the current one. As a result, we recommend the most accurate and relevant products for every single visitor.
Also, mind we remind you that this is all happening in milliseconds!

Does Segmentify work on all devices? Does it work on apps as well?

Segmentify works on all  desktop and mobile devices. You can use Segmentify solutions on mobile apps along with websites. To start using Segmentify for your mobile apps, have a look at our mobile SDK or simply contact us!

What is the expected Segmentify’s contribution rate to my online sales?  

We always like to take pride in our estimated 10% contribution rate to overall online sales – not to mention creating loyal customers, frequent visits and repeat purchases.

Who owns the data we collect?

Naturally, the owner of the data we collect is you. Our platform is totally built on API’s, which means you can get your recommendation featured data whenever you want. Or you can simply ask us to share it with you.

Can I cancel my services anytime?

Yes you can cancel your service anytime and won’t be charged for the upcoming month. But we highly doubt you’ll ever want to! See → contribution

Which languages and currencies are supported on the panel?

You can use the panel in English, German and French as well as see the screens with different currencies like USD or Euro.

How can I add new users?

You should simply tell us the names and email addresses of the employees you want to add and our team will do it for you. You can add as many employees as you want to and it’s free.

Do Segmentify widgets affect my SEO rankings?

Even though we didn’t previously aim to improve SEO rankings, in more than a few occasions, our campaign widgets had positive impacts on our customers’ SEO rankings.

How is the Segmentify contribution measured?

Segmentify’s performance is tracked real-time and performance reports are always available to you in your Segmentify panel.
An event is recorded as a contribution on Segmentify, only if a customer clicks on a product recommended by a Segmentify widget and purchases the product within the same session. Despite the obvious impact we have on persuading online customers, in sake of clarity, we do not keep track of previous sessions. You can monitor the daily, weekly and monthly impact Segmentify has on your sales with sales reports provided in the panel.

Is Segmentify GDPR compliant?

Yes. We respect your right and your customers’ right to privacy. We recommend placing a cookie-banner on your website which explains that the website uses cookies, asks the user for consent and provides a link to your cookie policy and opt-out options. For more information, click here.

What does eCommerce personalisation mean?

Imagine that you want a black t-shirt with pink turtles on it. You’ve been looking at eCommerce sites for months but all you keep seeing is purple belts. Well, that is because those websites have not yet adopted Segmentify’s personalisation solutions. Because if they did, even after your first visit you would be seeing some black t-shirts with pink turtles on them.
Segmentify personalisation solutions enable online stores to create individual user profiles based on their online behaviours by monitoring and analyzing each and every visitor patterns on the run. So that each unique visitor only sees the most relevant products based on their previous behaviors like past visits or purchases. This, of course, encourages more visits and repeat purchases.
Embedding Segmentify personalisation solutions into your eCommerce website not only increases conversion rates, but also decreases bounce rates by creating happier customers that spend more.

Does Segmentify affect the speed of my website?

Before getting started with Segmentify we simply ask you to add a single line of HTML tag on your website that includes our JavaScript file. This JavaScript file is identical with your other JavaScript files. Modern browsers are requesting those files to load parallel to each other, so that loading time won’t get affected.That’s why, one javascript file does not directly affect your website speed.
Segmentify’s Javascript code works like Google Analytics’ javascript. It has a working queue, and over time it sends events from its queue asynchronously. So, it means that the events will be sent only after your website has finished loading. Segmentify responds to requests under 200ms for 99.9% of the time and automatically directs traffic to the closest server to that visitor to ensure fast response times.
If you enable/activate Segmentify campaigns, they will be shown after the Segmentify events have been sent, which does not occur until your website finishes loading. That’s why it’s impossible for Segmentify to affect a site’s speed in anyway. The campaign widgets’ performance depends on their components. They generally include product title, product price, and most importantly product image. So, after widget data is sent to client, since biggest data here is product images, performance in general depends on how well your website serves product images.
If you don’t enable Segmentify campaigns Segmentify will not add any widgets to your website. In that case, there is nothing to worry about. So, if you have any concerns about widget performance, you can easily change the campaign to test mode and check widget performance without affecting your users.

Segmentify Solutions

What is actually a campaign?

A campaign is any and every addition you make on your website. A new exit-intent pop-up, or a seasonal category page recommendation and all possible uses of our solutions are called a ‘campaign’. Once you dive into our panel, and realize how detailed, well-rounded and efficient each of them are, you’ll understand why even a simple web-push notification is called a campaign!

Can I run and manage campaigns on my own?

All personalisation campaigns can be prepared and activated on Segmentify panel with just a few clicks. However our customer success team takes care of more detailed custom campaigns on demand for free.
The individual reporting of each campaign and its contribution to your website can be monitored on Segmentify panel in real-time.

Can I schedule a campaign?

Yes! You can set a start and end date for any campaign that you create. This feature is especially useful for special occasions like Halloween, Black Friday or Christmas.

Can I create more than one campaign per site?

Yes, you can create as many campaigns as you want especially for important pages like category page or basket page. You just need to specify each campaign’s target selector.

How can I see my campaigns before going live?

You can see your campaigns in test mode using Segmentify Chrome extension.

Can I personalise campaigns for each individual visitor and customer with Segmentify solutions?

That’s the whole point, to be honest! All of our recommendation and engagement solutions can be personalised for each and every unique customer!

Can I customize Segmentify widgets?

Yes, you can use your own css classes and can change widget html in Segmentify Panel.

Engagement Solutions

With which email service providers is Segmentify integrated with?

We are currently integrated with Mailchimp. If you provide us access to your Mailchimp account, we send personalised email campaigns tailored for each visitor through Mandrill automatization. It’s as simple as that!

How do you collect email addresses?

Instead of asking visitors to sign up to newsletter at the end of the page, we track their behaviours, and right when they’re most interested, we ask for their emails with our engagement solutions.

With which browsers are your web-push notifications integrated with?

Our web-push notifications work on Chrome, Safari and Firefox both for mobile and desktop devices.

Personalised Product Recommendation Solutions

Do personalised product recommendations only work for visitors who have already signed up or logged in?

No! Our algorithm doesn’t ask personal questions. It just tracks all behavior of each and every visitor in real-time when they are on your website and makes recommendations based on past and current behaviors or each visitor. A visitor does not have to have signed up to see personalised personalised recommendation.

Can we upload historical purchase data?

Yes! We just need an XML from you that contains the product IDs, counts and prices of the purchased products, order value, user ID (if any) and order number (if any) per individual order.

What is the minimum required pageview to get started with personalised product recommendations?

This is a tricky question. Actually, you can use personalised product recommendations on all websites and page. However, since data fuels artificial intelligence technology, we’d say 30K monthly visitors & 300 monthly sales transactions minimum would be ideal.


Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. 

What is the minimum contract and notice period?

There isn’t one! You can unsubscribe anytime and won’t be charged for the upcoming month. But we highly doubt you’ll ever want to!

How can I get more information about pricing?

You can visit our Pricing Page. We tried our best to be as clear as possible, however if you still have questions you can always Contact Us.

Integration Process

How long does the integration take?

The integration process does not take more than 5 days! You just need to implement one line of JS code to your webpages and that’s it on your part. Our amazing Onboarding Team takes care of the rest to get you onboard fast. We do the integration between your website and Segmentify. After we set up 6 ready-to-use campaigns for recommendation solutions and 3-4 campaigns for engagement solutions within the next 2 days. In total, it won’t take more than 5 days to welcome you onboard.

How do I create my first campaigns?

You can create your campaigns on easy to use Segmentify panel. Having said that, our onboarding team sets up your first campaigns to get you onboard fast and start your free trial. Also, our customer success team is ready to help you with all your campaigns when you decide to use Segmentify solutions after your free trial ends.

Am I going to be charged for the integration?

No! It is all free.

Can I add the JS code via GTM?

Yes, you can.

Product Feed Integration

Why does Segmentify need the XML file to be shared?

In order to make the most relevant product recommendations, Segmentify needs product information. These pieces of information are collected from two different sources. First resource is the web or mobile site where product information is collected together with the product view events through the integrations. The second resource is the XML required from customers from which product catalogues are regularly updated to provide real-time recommendations.
Updated information is highly important, especially for product stocks, prices and product badges. Those updates which are not available on website can be shared through XML files and will be most efficient for campaign creations.

What format should the XML file be?

Google Merchant Center standard format is the preferred format. If you don’t have any product XML file, our teams will have to develop a custom integration process which would take up to two days.

Xml tags definition

● categories: The best formatting is separating each category with “>”, Ex. “Woman > Jeans”
● inStock: Some feeds just include stock number and some include stock status. One of them is enough for grabbing stock status.
● price: Price in the feed and the price on the website must be exact the same. Ex. Price on the website is “15.00”, if price in the feed is “14.99”, IT IS NOT CORRECT
● oldPrice
● currency
● productid
● brand
● gender
● sizes // optional
● colors // optional
● title
● url
● image
● params: Segmentify integration has a product based attribute implementation. Product attribute data (it points static product based extra value) can either send with js integration or send with params xml node.

Example product content

<title>product title</title>
<img>http://example.com/sources/img/products/example-product.jpeg </img>
<categories><!–&#091;CDATA&#091;Mother &#038; Baby –> Baby &gt; Baby Toy]]&gt;</categories>
<gender>Female Child</gender>
<campaigncode>Example Campaign Code</campaigncode>
<campaignname>Example Campaign Name</campaignname>


What do plugins do?

Plugins exist, so you can integrate your website with Segmentify even easier and acquire the information Segmentify needs. However, plugins do not in any way do the same job with Segmentify solutions. They just pave the way for an easier integration.

Should I use plugins?

We strictly suggest you complete the integration with plugins if you use one of the suitable platforms, because these platforms do not expose all the information that Segmentify needs to work. But Segmentify can easily be integrated to any online store in just a day.