Real-time Analytics with Bannerify

Monitor your banner’s performance in real-time

Analyse campaigns’ digital marketing performance with source control

  • Analyse campaigns’ digital marketing performance with source control
  • Category-based sorting options
  • Set time duration
  • Reveal trends and take control of your stocks
  • Search unique banners
  • Export CSV anytime anywhere

Exactly what you need

  • 360 Degree View Customer Behavior Views, Click, Puchases
  • Real Time Monitoring&Analysis No need to wait
  • Unlimited Products&Categories Tracking at the same time
  • Content&E-commerce Monitoring&Analysis Works for both

Real-time monitoring on conversion performance of your banner campaigns enables you to take prompt actions to increase your revenue – 15 %Additional revenue from banner campaigns

You can see the change in conversion performance of an individual banner when you change the order in carousel ( both at homepage and category pages) to optimize the shuffling in real time- 20% increase in overall banner performance

Do you campaign banners convert your visitors?

There are lots of analytic solutions to find conversion rates of your products. But what about your campaign banners? All ecommerce homepages area left to carousels filled with various campaign banners designed to attract customers. Bannerify helps you to check your banners’ conversion performance in real time and provide valuable insights for increasing your revenue and profitability.

Bannerify-Real time conversion analytics platform revealing performance of your campaign banners.


Segmentify is one of the best big data computing company to reveal real-time insights on e-commerce conversion performance. Today, we welcome our customers with campaign banners in our homepages and direct them to our best offers. Bannerify helps us to find the best converting combination in means of carousel orders.

Gökhan Besen - Head of Products

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