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What we do?

  • Conversion Optimization Tools

  • Conversion

  • Customer Experience

  • Customized Offers

1) Customer Experience Customized Offers

Customers are recognized and segmented according to behaviors and usage habits.

2) Customer Experiences

Observation of segmented customers behavior real-time.

3) Smart Recommendations

Smart product/content recommendations according to real time behavior observation.

Conversion Funnel

  • Analysis

    Research and plan which customer groups and products you go for.

  • Production

    Supply/produce the product/content and represent them.

  • Publish

    Try to reach up your target customer group.

  • More..

    After publish step, it’s time to increase customer engagment.

  • The more...

    The more customer engagement, the more sales.

Segmentify To provide Conversion Optimization, More...

  • More


  • More

    Click (CTR)

  • More

    Time on website

  • More

    Product in Basket

  • More


  • More



Conversion Optimization Tools

  • Customers

  • Conversion

Observation and Segmentation Customized Experiences

Know Your Customers

Behavior Observation

  • Visitors

  • Contents/Products

  • On site behaviors


  • Customers become a significant data

  • Real time segmentation permanently

  • On site behaviors

Conversion Funnel More engagement and sales

  • Customer Behavior based Production

  • Providing subsidiary tools for “more..”

You? Conversion Optimization Tools

  • E-commerce

  • Conversion Optimization Tools for e-commerce

Conversion Targets E-commerce

Need Oriented Solution Offers

Engagement With customized offers, more

  • Time on website

  • Product representation

Cart Optimisation Increase the basket size and basket average

  • Subsidiary recommended

  • products at basket

  • Special deals before check-out

Returning Visitors Never lose customers with personalized actions

  • “You forgot a product in your basket” emails

  • “Don’t miss that” push notifications

Real-time Analytics Real time trend analysis

  • Product based trend analysis

  • Carousel performance

Usage Engagement

22% Up to Increase Conversion Rate

  • Real Time Product Offers

    User based popular product offers according to analytical data real time

  • Campaigns

    Track the best performing products and create instant campaigns

  • Recommended for you

    Speacial/recommended product offers according to customer interest

Usage Cart Optimization

10% Up to Increase Conversion Rate

  • Recommended products to provide cart optimization

    User based popular product offers according to analytical data real time.

  • “Who bought this product also shopped for” “You may also like”

    Subsidiary product recommendations to increase conversion rate.

Usage Returning Visitors

Segmented Customers

What is that in your cart? You have left something rather lovely in your cart.

Push Notifications Returning Visitors

Segmented Customers

Send Push Notifications whenever needed to promote or remind.

Usage Real Time Trend Analysis - Trendify

Real Time Analytics Dashboard


  • iOS


  • Android


  • Mobile Web



  • Conversion Increase

    Customer behavior based product/content recommendations provide the conversion increase.

  • Quick Installation

    Easily installation in your platform.

  • Trendify

    Real Time Trend Analysis Dashboard - Trendify

  • Ready for Services

    Easily can be integrated with other services and also can be a solution for other services.

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