What is the Conversion Rate of an Offline Push Notification?


Target Oriented




Why do you need push notification for returning visitor​s​?

How to get back our customers? We have some amazing sales right now on x category however how can we spread that to other categories and customers as well? Why do only few people read your emails? If you’re asking these kinds of questions, then you have some problems on returning visitors. There is a solution called ‘online and offline push notifications’ and we want to share real data collected from more than 20.000 online stores using Segmentify in 2016.

What is a web push notification?

Final action of a visitor's conversion funnel is making a purchase and to be converted from visitor to customer. Most of the visitors can’t even reach the end of the conversion funnel. Most of the users can’t even reach the end of the conversion funnel. So where are they going? This is another issue we can discuss further but for now let us focus on how to bring these users back. We have already been seeing push notifications in mobile devices, however this year push notifications started being used on web as well. You can send push notifications from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. There are two different ways of sending push notifications such as online and offline.

What is the conversion rate of offline push notifications on web?

This chart gives us very important insights about how offline push campaigns perform on e-commerce. Conversion rate generally changes depending on marketplaces and verticals of ecommerce sites. Target oriented campaigns, sending exactly those products which customers are probably looking for or interested in based on past behavior, also perform very well. Offline push notification campaigns increase conversion rate by 10% where people click on offline push notifications when you target them with the right product that might interest them based on past behavior. You know that past behavior is the best tool to predict future behavior.
We already saw that the conversion rate for general offline push notification campaigns is 4% which only include mostly sale or informational news about the e-commerce website or some specific category or campaign.


There are some solutions you can find to turn outgoing visitors back to your website and push notification is one of the best direct solutions for that. You just need to understand your e-commerce site dynamics and user behaviors to find out best offline push notification campaign and to define rules for that. Just before pulling the trigger, we want you to get some information about offline push notifications’ conversion rate numbers based on 20K+ e-commerce websites in 2016.

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