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When Display Advertising Dies

Our experiences from the past always help us to find a new way in future. Products developed in a shared area or created by a new approach are perceived, evolved and prepared for advertisers with this situation at the beginning. However, digital revolution has the power to change everything really quick. Speed and changes are ready to demolish all conventional habits and approaches with a native ad on content site.


Google Ads
Google Display Ads

Why Display ad?

I think having a “land” is a common behaviour in our community that settled apparently but could not be settled in every way. We always choose to possessions/property as the best thing to invest. We can sell them, we can build on them, we can rent them too. However we like renting them more than doing others, this situation is exactly same in digital world too.

When UX become prominent

UX is especially the trendsetter of mobile digital world. There are users which guided by it, these user’s experiences, websites, approaches and products. Reaching same contents with everyone is not acceptable nowadays because personalization is the key to this relationship between UX. Similarly, UX is one of the most important part of a mobile world. We can say that it is like unwilling to wear dress or shoes like everyone does. Of course, some will continue to wear them, but are they your target group? Are you sure that you want to speak to them or maybe you never experienced the targeted group/marketing power?

If the purpose is to increase more click, more page view, more content reading or more product for the basket, welcome to the new world! From these days whatever you do you should do it more personalized. There is the world that these numbers can be increased only with personalized experience (with native ad on advertisement side) and mobile is the lead for determining trends so we need to understand it very well.

content recommendation with native ad
content recommendation with native ad

Native ad starts with mobile and it comes to you too

More personalized experiences only can be possible with knowing users. You must identify, segment users and show them specific contents and you must do that real-time. Sometimes you can show them the next content which they exactly want to read sometimes you can add some products in basket stage. It shows up as a native ad in applications and in e-commerce sector it shows up as recommendations with native ads.

It is not possible to be unconcerned with this experience. In areas where we rented as a plot can make sense to give display advertisements for some but actually it does not make sense for downstream marketing actions. Publishers need to reflect the best experience to users. They just can not ignore user complaints and bad experiences related with display banners. Moreover, except content providers, Apple’s mobile IOS 9 has display banner dismisser features will deal it a death below.


It does not matter whether you are a publisher, advertiser or else. Do you still spend money to non-personalized and non-targeted native ads? You should remember that there are lots of places in cemetery which can not keep pace with changes. Especially in digital world…


He is interested in everything related to mobile, UX, community, growth, marketing and products. Currently, he is Google Developer Expert on UX and running Google Design Sprints in MENA as Sprint Master and working as an advisor with startups. Mostly, Segmentify.

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