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Use of Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce Social Media Moderation

Our beloved ecommerce friends: this week we host the co-founder of a very useful tool for your social media branding – Mete Aktas from Smart Moderation which uses Artificial Intelligence to provide ecommerce websites the Social Media Moderation capability as a service. Let’s read from him, how they can help our community with the comments in our social media brands.


Consumers search on the ecommerce sites, compare, buy and after all those they talk talk talk! because the way consumers behave has dramatically changed from over the last decade and social sharing grows exponentially which means the amount of stuff you shared today is nearly double the amount of a year ago. Social Media Moderation comes to play as a must to do action since all the talks from your customers are not relevant that you wish to present them publicly.

Keep Law of Social Sharing from Zuckerberg in mind for Social Media Moderation

Empower your social brand with Social Media Moderation

Without any clue, if you want to be a social brand you have to let people review on your ecommerce website and social platforms because they would like to be listened and considered. On the other hand, more than 60% of potential customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision and 85%+ of consumers trust those online reviews which mean this is also critical for new customer acquisition.

So, when all those things are happening, of course you wish to have peace and warmth like you are at your home and protect your reputation. Think that your online presence is your home on the Internet. The only difference is the door is always open to your visitors. They come to visit you to leave messages, they mention you and what you are doing, but also place some dirty talk to your site that you don’t like such as the dirt on your rugs. That’s why a moderation is needed. It is to keep clean from that dirt on your rugs, but having millions of visitors as you wish. However, %26 of total user generated comments is undesirable and if you don’t moderate this harmful content, your online reputation can be damaged in seconds especially on social media!


There are many ways of distribution of messages over the web. Some people like to post advertisements on many pages to make their product more visible. Another way of bullying over the Internet is “trolling” with many virtual accounts spread all over the world that you don’t recognise. These anonymous robots attack to your web presence. It is quite hard to deal with machines or people at this amount, and with the huge amount of unwanted messages they generate instantly if you don’t have an intelligent tool for moderation.

This is why Smart Moderation, the simplest way to stop those undesirable content on the market, has been developed!

Do you love Science?

Simply, Smart Moderation automatically removes unwanted content such as bad words, ads, spam & trolls in a multitude of languages with a high rate of accuracy. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech to perform social media moderation, protecting your E-commerce Websites, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Instagram profiles, Instagram Ads,etc…


This self-learning engine understands words and makes decisions similar to the way a human being does, analyzing the meanings of sentences automatically, rather than checking against a keyword list like Facebook does. Smart Moderation’s text analytics tech is based on a proprietary self-learning intelligence engine, which has in average 91% accuracy rate, which is very high for these types of algorithms. This accuracy gets higher as time passes because you can train your own intelligence by yourself depending on your personal criteria to give the platform your own moderation mindset.

For example;

“If the word “f**k” is pre-defined in your keyword list, & if someone writes “f**ck you”, “fu**k you”, “f.*.*. k you” or something similar on your Facebook page, unfortunately, it is going to be published. You have to define all possible variations of these words which are a time-consuming task. What are you going to do about “f**king love” 🙂 ?



Start protecting your reputation and your Social Media Moderation now via Smart Moderation by starting your free trial here. Rest API is also available on

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