Top 6 Ecommerce Conversion Posts In July

Hello, e-commerce folks! Let’s take a look at the world of e-commerce in July and see what’s new and some tips. Six of the top e-commerce conversion posts are here for you to increase your profit!
Before the start, I would like to give you some information about posts. Some factors of purchasing will not be changed for example trust.
But the importance of some factors are increasing day by day like videos. I chose some articles for you to make and overview and see what’s going on. Let us start!

9 Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Tactics That’ll Earn You Bags of Money

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization
ecommerce conversion optimization

When you need to increase revenue on your e-commerce business, you probably think that ‘’I should drive more traffic to my site’’.
If you have some product to restock, you may choose, try to drive more traffic to these products. Actually, this strategy always doesn’t work. I recommend every e-commerce business owner to take a look at this article.
There are some strategies to consider.. For example, if the customers can’t find the Add to Chart button they can’t buy and the author recommends to show the ‘Add to Chart button always on the site.

Video Drives More Ecommerce Conversions than Social Media (Infographic)

Video Drives More Ecommerce Conversions
based on research videos on product pages increase product purchases in 144%. This huge amount of increase absolutely means more revenue!
Just simply make a video on a product page which shows how your product is working or what usage areas your product have. This video will be a great help to purchase to your customer.

25 eCommerce Conversion Hacks [Infographic]

Ecommerce Conversion Hacks
According to Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Results, %53 of the businesses do not use more than %5 of their marketing budget to increase e-commerce conversion rates.
For this reason, many small businesses can not survive. Social media is a very effective for traffic but e-commerce conversion should be the point of view of an e-commerce owner.
Optimize Your Ecommerce Conversion Funnel and Increase Your Sales
Ecommerce Conversion Funnel
The conversion funnel is a term that refers to the journey of the customers. The journey begins with the contact of your product with the customer. 

The Complete Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for First Year Stores

A Guide to CRO in Top Ecommerce Conversion Posts
For first-year e-commerce businesses things can be very confusing. Some well-known strategies that converts can not be used because of your low traffic.
But it doesn’t mean you don’t have any strategies to increase your traffic. The ultimate goal of an e-commerce business is making more profit.
So more traffic is not the solution. You have to make more profit to get more profit.I know it seems like a tricky sentence but is not.
You will understand what I mean when you start to read this article.

5 E-commerce Trust Signals That Will Skyrocket Your Conversions

Trust increases ecommerce conversions
You may have an excellent marketing strategy and awesome products. You may have huge amounts of traffic on your website but what about conversions?
In other words, if you have a sellable product can you sell it? On the purchasing stage decision of customers is very important for an e-commerce.
That is the stage of if your investments for nothing or not. Trust is the determinant factor of this stage. ‘Potential customers’ will not become ‘customers’ if they do not trust you.
Here are some tips to show you and make  reliability your e-commerce business.
Here are the top e-commerce conversion posts of  July  really useful for as Segmentify team and we wanted to share with you.
We hope you spend August efficiently and do not hesitate to contact us for further discussing these e-commerce conversion posts.