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Top 5 Articles to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate in May 2016

This month, we are more focused on Social Media Marketing, analytics and a little bit on accounting to increase e-commerce conversion rate. This popular articles will give you some insight and perspective to design your strategies.

Increase e-commerce conversion rate with Analytics: Tips for Your Business

In today’s business, especially in e-commerce, the importance of analytics is dramatically increasing. Businesses have to think about who are their customers and to figure out this all need to use analytics as a productive tool.


Although there are free and paid analytics tools exist (such as Google Analytics, Adobe Site Catalyst) you need to keep in mind some tips to increase your conversion rates.


Average Desktop VS Mobile Browser Resolutions Worldwide in 2016

One of the important points in user experience on an e-commerce website is the changing behaviour of the website based on the resolution. This becomes much more crucial nowadays since the use of mobile is increasing day one day.

The numbers included in this post worth investigation especially for e-commerce developers and UX experts. These numbers would definitely guide you to increase e-commerce conversion rate.

Screen Resolution Averages which Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate

While you are designing a website you have to be concern about the browser which is used to browse your website and particularly the resolution of the browser is vital.

From Browse to Buy: How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Video is dominating the content side and even in social networks, using videos (short and to the point) is much more efficient than the text based shares.

The similar behaviour is affecting ecommerce side which brings a great opportunity to increase ecommerce conversion rate.

customer journey
customer journey

Today, customer journey is sometimes long and complex and reaching the customer at the right time, right place and right way is very important. Video contents provide emotional connection to the potential customer and increase ‘add to cart’ rate and purchasing. 

The Bare Minimum You Need to Know About Accounting

Entrepreneurship is a common type among ecommerce owners and accounting is one of the main capabilities that should be handled successfully in an ecommerce company.



As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you should know some basics of accounting to read financial reports correctly. You may think your revenue is getting better but if you don’t think about the correct financial statements.

5 Ways To Accelerate Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

Using Facebook to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Approximately every one out of five people in the world has a Facebook account. Because of this, Facebook has a huge advantage on advertising. Considering some issues such as defining proper metrics to your business should determine your SMM strategies.

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