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Top 5 Articles to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate in April 2016

Are you ready to read some articles to increase your ecommerce conversion rate? So, here are 5-must-read articles in April 2016 to enhance your conversion rate! Important topics for April are Ecommerce Marketing Skills, Content Marketing, Social Media’s impact on ecommerce conversion and how to increase Conversion rate for E-commerce stores.


  1- 9 E-commerce Marketing Skills That Drive Success

This article has been written by Armando Roggio about how to be successful in your ecommerce marketing and he mentions 9 proper  marketing skills that can help to drive success and increase ecommerce conversion.


041916-marketing-head-570x382 (1)


  2- Content Marketing for ecommerce Conversion

Content marketing is one of the main marketing strategies to create a reachable, successful and intimate business image. In this article, Nil Erden mentions about how to increase conversion rates and get the potential customers by using content marketing.



 3- 5 Actionable Ways To Increase Your eCommerce Store’s Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization is often a long process that involves collecting data, analyzing data, carrying out A/B testing and much more and this process must be on-going.According to James Brockbank’s article, there are some ways to increase the conversion rate.

Actionable tricks for ecommerce conversion enhancementConversion Rate optimization is tough but necessity

  4- Four useful tips for making online ads relevant & personal

Most of the people think that advertisements are annoying and they dislike it but advertising is very crucial part in the e-commerce. According to Sean Philip, you have to make the advertising useful to increase your conversion rate by contextualizing and personalizing . He mentions that brands should place the customers at the heart of their ecommerce conversion and he gives 5 tips about how to do it.


 5-  10 Must-Try Lead Nurturing Campaigns for SaaS

It is not easy to keep the customer who signs up your SaaS or your software. According to data, 40-60 % of users or customers who signed up your software or SaaS application never visit it again. In Vaishali Jain’ s article, she talks about some techniques that deal with these high drop-out rates. Especially, she emphasizes about “lead nurturing” and she talks about types of nurturing campaigns and when they should be used.

Nurturing Campaigns for ecommerce conversion

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