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shopping cart abandonment

Lower your Shopping Cart Abandonment: 10 Optimization Tips for Ecommerce

Shopping Cart abandonment is a serious issue for all E-commerces and most of them are trying to overcome and decrease the cart abandonment rate.

The average cart abandonment rate is 68% and e-commerce retailers lose almost $4 trillion every year. I think, this statistics are enough to see the reality of the cart abandonment issue. Actually, I tried to explain how to reduce your cart abandonment rate in my older article but I want to emphasize the importance of this topic with giving many abandonment statistics.

This time, I will try to explain 10 optimization tips to lower your shopping cart abandonment, increase your conversion rate and boost your sales.

1. Guest Checkout

2. Page Load Time

3. Free Shipping

4. Retargeting

5. Security Logos

6. Multiple Payment Options

7. Optimize the Website for Mobile

8. Discounts, Promotion Codes, Coupons

9. Show the Shopping Cart Clearly

10. Be Straightforward about costs

1- Guest Checkout to avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

shopping cart abandonment
Walmart’s shopping cart abandonment


Placing customers under an obligation to create an account on your website can be intimidating for them.

Shoppers don’t want to register to complete a purchase and …

14% of them abandon the transaction process.

That’s why 80% of the top e-commerce retailers in the US like Amazon offer guest checkout.

You shouldn’t make them feel pressured, just make the shopping process easier and let them buy your products.

2- Page Load Time

loading page

Delay in page load time makes shoppers frustrated and impatient.

When pages takes more time to load, they abandon your website or app and move on other e-commerce stores to shop.

According to Kissmetrics’s research, every one second of delay decreases conversion rate by 7%.

So, you should optimize your checkout pages, images and banners to load faster and reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase your conversion rate.

Plus …

customers are more impatient in payment process.

If your payment page still has a delay when it’s loading, you should inform your customers about the process like showing the loading time or tell them if the payment is successful or not.

3- Free Shipping

44% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts because of shipping and handling costs.

Shipping costs are the main reason of the shopping cart abandonment.

So, if you want to make a difference between you and the other competitors, you should offer free shipping. By doing this action, you’ll take the advantage on the market and shoppers will make their choice on you.

4- Retargeting

Customers may abandon their shopping carts but they may come back again and there are many ways to bring them back to your store.

If you get the customer’s mail address, you can send reminder e-mails to finish the purchase.

These e-mails should be personalized for each abandoned customers and make them feel unique.

Also, you can inform abandoners about popular products, campaigns and interesting coupons.

Moreover, Facebook and Instagram ads can be helpful for retargeting and they can be good reminders.

5- Security Logos

shopping cart abandonment
Show security logos to optimize your shopping cart

People are more cautious about sharing their personal information online and establishing trust with your customer is very difficult.

Showing trusted security logos on your website may help you to build trust with your customers.

According to Actualinsights’ research, 61% of people did not complete the purchase because of the absence of trust logos.

So, including security logos in your E-commerce website can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate and increase your credibility.

6- Multiple Payment Options

shopping cart abandonment
offer multiple payment options

Offering multiple payment options to your customers is beneficial because this action allows customers to choose the option that they want to pay and and prevent abandoning their shopping carts. You should provide plenty of payment systems when customers purchase your products.

Some people use payment systems like Paypal, iyzico or mobile payment systems like Google wallet.

If you can’t offer some of these payment systems, shopping cart abandonment will be inevitable.

7- Optimize the Website for Mobile


The number of smartphone usage is increasing day by day and 2.082 billion of people use smartphones.

Naturally, mobile sales are also increasing and in 2013, mobile sales grew 63%.

People follow E-commerce websites from their smartphones and look for discounts, coupons and new products. If your website is optimized for mobile, you’re one step ahead from your competitors.

45% of mobile shoppers switch to their laptops to finish the purchase, this means if you satisfy them in your mobile page or app, they’ll come back and finish the transaction.

8- Discounts, Promotion Codes, Coupons

Most of the people shop online instead of a retail shop because of discounts, promo codes and coupons.

Because there are always discounts in E-commerce websites and there are plenty of them.

Giving discounts, promotion codes and coupons will encourage shoppers to buy more products, you may gain permanent customers and increase user engagement.

9- Show the Shopping Cart Clearly


Shopping online is more flexible, not like standing in line and wait to pay whatever you got in your basket.

Online shoppers can save the shopping cart, leave the store and return to their shopping carts.

When they return, shopping cart should be apparent on the website so they can remember what is in there.

Also, you can use cookies to make them remember the shopping cart.

In brief, Show the shopping cart clearly and make the saving shopping cart process easy.

10- Be Straightforward about costs

Unexpected costs can be very frustrating for online shoppers and they feel fooled by the store.

Shoppers don’t like surprises and you have to be upfront about all additional costs clearly before adding products to shopping cart.

44% of the shoppers abandon shopping cart because of unexpected shipping costs.

If you can’t offer free shipping to your customers, at least you can add a shipping fee calculator to your product pages.

According to Business Insider, there are more surprises that shoppers face and cause shopping cart abandonment:

reasons for shopping cart abandonment
via Business Insider


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