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Pokemon Go is an opportunity for conversion optimisation

Is Pokemon Go Marketing An Opportunity?

Putting trending subjects to good use for business owners is very beneficial. Pokemon Go can be very helpful not only because is trendy but fort it´s location based features, From its first day, Pokemon Go started to become a pop culture craze to bring people together.

Depending on your kind of  business, you should take into Pokemon Go marketing when you determine your strategies.

In addition, you can use Pokemon Go to engage your current  or potential customers.Pokemon Go Marketing can be very beneficial

Pokemon Go Marketing can be very beneficial

An Overview Of Pokemon Go

At the beginning, Pokemon Go is a game that uses AR (augmented reality) which means taking information from real life and adding digital information on it.

It uses your location by using your smartphone’s GPS and camera. The aim of the game is catching Pokemons and making battles at ‘gyms’ as a member of a team.

There are three teams named Mystic, Instinct, and Valor. Players are free to choose one. The terms for ‘Pokéstop’ and ‘lure module’ are important for Pokemon Go marketing.

Pokéstops are stops that each player has to visit to gain items. Lure module provides attraction wild Pokemons which means you can find more Pokemons near Pokéstop.

If you want to learn more, you can check this.

Some Strategies For Conversion

Firstly, you own a business whether an e-commerce or not, you can use Pokemon Go to attract people to your store. For example, if a Pokéstop exists near your store, you can use a lure module so that players come and get Pokemon items and maybe your products.

You can conduct campaigns such as special discounts for players. Ecommerce businesses can get benefits from this kind of campaigns but I will mention these campaigns later in detail.

Event Based Strategies

Hosting events can be beneficial. For example, you want to increase the number of people in a time period, you can host an event such that ‘’if you visit our store in ‘lucky hours’ you can gain some Pokemon Go items’’.

You can use this strategy to increase the traffic of your e-commerce. Another creative event is about catching Pokemon. Host an event which is maybe named ‘’let’s catch ’em all’’. Use lure module near your store and call people to catch Pokemon.

You can also collaborate with some companies. For example, by making collaboration with Uber, you can give people who are applied to an event a promotion code for free transportation to the event zone.

Campaign Based Strategies

Pokemon Go marketing

In addition, there are lots of campaign options which include Pokemon Go. Some discount campaigns will work for every kind of business.

Giving special discounts for a team or a specific type of Pokemon owner can provide great conversion results. Also, t-shirts will be very useful.

Create t-shirts which have the symbol of Pokemon teams and a little logo of your brand. You can give for free these t-shirts on campaigns or events. Maybe they can be distributed on Pokemon Go event that you are hosted.

Another option for discount campaigns is about gyms. Conquest a gym and tell people ‘if you defeat us, you will have a special prize or a discount’

. You are free to be creative when it comes to campaigns.

Why Pokemon Go Marketing?

Depending on the desired result at the end of a marketing strategy, you have lots of choices. But, why you should choose Pokemon Go marketing?

As I said at the very beginning, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game and it brings real and digital life together. You can use this feature for your brand as well by using Pokemon Go marketing if you are an e-commerce business.

However, because of its wide fan population, Pokemon Go marketing will bring you not only increases the number of sells but also a number of engaged customers.

I highly recommend you to consider some of these strategies as a part of your marketing plans.

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