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omnichannel strategies

Omnichannel Strategies For Ecommerces

We should take a look at customer experience a little bit to perceive Omnichannel. Customer experience involves an entire relationship between your brand and customers.

This relationship begins before purchasing and continues after purchasing. Channels that are used to interact with customers upgraded and varied through technology.

The only channel is not brick and mortar stores anymore. Businesses are conducting operations via email, social media, web, mobile etc. channels anymore.

Undoubtedly, this action will increase the interaction between brand and customer but revealed a new problem. All the channels must give the same experience to the customer.

The term of Omnichannel comes into play at this point. Omnichannel refers to providing a seamless customer experience. Every business -which has multiple channels- have to consider omnichannel strategies and find the proper one. Lack of omnichannel strategies can cause undesirable results.

We get an overview of Omnichannel. Now, which strategies do we use by taking Omnichannel into account?

Firstly,  you need to know your business’ abilities, features and understand your targeted customer segment well to give customers a better experience.

All the customer experience efforts should be customer centered which means you have to think like your customer. By using this information, you can have a great strategy for gaining more profit.

The main point of Omnichannel is knowing the customer and giving him/her a seamless experience across all the channels you use. Segmentation is a great way to learn about your customers. You can use tools such as Segmentify to analyze data collected from customers.


Some Omnichannel Strategies For Ecommerce Businesses

1)Click and Collect

Firstly, click and collect services are very effective ways for businesses which have brick&mortar (physical) and web and/or mobile stores. This service provides commodiousness of shopping on anywhere and insurance of touch and feel before receiving the product to the customer. However, business has the opportunity of saving delivery costs. There are lots of other benefits of click and collect services. For example, you can suggest the best products to the customer which come to a physical store to collect his/her product because you already know his/her browsing history from the web.

2)Virtual Reality(VR)

Have you think about using virtual reality technology in your store? It looks amazing but how can you do that? Trying products such as clothes, watches by only using a technological tool can change profit graph of your business in the positive direction. You can apply this method not only in your physical store but also web store. Customers can browse and also try your products at his/her own home via this way. You don’t even need a physical store, turn the house of customer to your physical store. This is an opportunity for people to have better shopping experience at home.

3)Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented reality technology is also a great way. Lots of people are browsing products on web and come to the physical store to touch and feel. Hanging around the store to find the product reduces the motivation of the customer and can cause to fail the purchasing action. You can make this experience easier for the customers by using navigation signs on the mobile app. This method reduces time and money losses instead the motivation of customer and also provides customer engagement.


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