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offline customer tracking

Offline Customer Tracking

Businesses must satisfy expectations of customers. Understand the expectations of the customers is the key of this critical issue. To understand customers, a company should track all customer journey and use analytics as much as possible.

Online stores have the advantage of tracking customers via some ways such as scroll tracking, heat maps etc. and these available to use of analytics. Customer journey consists  not only online but also offline.

There are some ways for offline customer tracking which enable the use of analytics.

offline customer tracking for conversion optimisation in e-commerce

Some Ways Of Offline Customer Tracking

Coupons are very common and useful in terms of offline customer tracking. You can use both online and offline coupons depend on your aim. Usually, offline coupons which offering  special discounts on the online store work for every type of store.

Moving customers offline to online gives you the opportunity to use analytics. Coupons should be memorable, that’s where comes the success  of your campaign.

Besides, if you give your online customers a discount coupon to use it at offline stores, conversion results will show you the customer engagement.

Offline to online coupons gives you more space than just online which means you can expand your space.

Measuring the success of your offline campaign is a hard work and requires some tricks. In addition to coupons, QR codes are great tools for measuring your ROI. If you create a campaign which is printed on a magazine etc. adding a QR code is a great way  to measure the conversions of  your campaigns.

For both customer and business, QR codes are easy to use. In today’s World, everything is getting easier and customers always want to use the easiest way.

In some cases, QR codes can be more successful than coupons because of its easy use. Besides, you can print a QR code on a magazine and a billboard that becomes easier to use in several channels.

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