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Top 3 Online Marketing Strategies of 2016 to drive your Sales

Online presence including marketing and advertising gives lots of opportunities in digital age. So many businesses developed successful presences although there are still so many of them which have not.

First of all, online marketing is a part of brand management. You are trying to make visible your brand to desired segment. You can do it by using traditional ways but online marketing is better. Here that’s why:

Online marketing is the most efficient way of having an online presence because it is a very cheap and effective strategy discipline. So, we can easily say that…

Digital Marketing business is very cost efficient.

You may believe that online marketing is a fancy term and traditional methods are still the best.


We see more businesses acquiring new customers thanks to digital marketing day by day.

In today’s world, being not to have an online presence means you have lots of potential customers.

Why not getting contact with these people?

Then you should have an online presence.

It is also crucial that how do you conduct your online marketing. Choosing the best strategy gives the best results which means…

The most profit.

There are strategies as much as business types


…some of them are valid and produce profit for every type.

Before starting to explain the most effective online marketing strategies, you should take attention to some facts.

Some Facts That Should Be Kept In Mind

  • Online marketing is NOT ONLY for ecommerce businesses. Brick-and-mortar stores also need online presence which means online marketing and maybe PPC (pay per click aka AdWords) ads.
  • The key point of the journey of online marketing is the creating organic traffic from targeted market. If you do not choose your target market correctly, you CANNOT acquire customers or leads.
  • Be sure that your website is responsive. 87% of internet users now have a smartphone (Source: Global Web Index). This is NOT a thing you can ignore.
  • Google is really caring mobile friendly web sites. We already know that fast loading web sites have an advantage. In the mix of these facts, we face the term AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). A low-speed-loading may cause more damage than you think.

We can make a longer list but it is enough for now.


online marketing can be a challenge for beginners…

BUT if you can achieve to have an online presence as a unique body, you can acquire:

  1. lots of sales
  2. leads for sure.

Let’s start!

1)SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a must for online marketing

SEO takes the lead doubtlessly.

Search engines are the best tool for people who are browsing the web. Whether you are an ecommerce or a brick-and-mortar store…

search engines like Google and Bing are the best tool for you to be found by the people.

As I said before,

creating organic traffic is the key point.

So search engines are the gate of the organic traffic as long as your web site has high rankings.

When we talk about SEO, the first thing comes to mind is Google but Google is not the only one. People are using the other search engine services like Bing, Yahoo Search, Yandex and so on.


2) Email Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing or inbound marketing is the one of the most profitable strategy. There are several things which provide the power of email marketing:

  1. SubscribersIf you can convince people to be your subscriber, you may have at least one chance to contact these people and turn your subscriber into a customer.
  2. Personalization: We should consider personalization by dividing into two parts: Content and design. You should scrutinize these two one by one. Harmony between these is also very important.
  1. Cheap: Sending newstellers or campaign emails are very cheap. You can even use free services such as free trial of Mailchimp.

Do you believe second chances?

You should, if you are trying to make a sell.

Email marketing is the best way of second chances. Taking the attention with your email can be the second or third chance to make a sell. Even if you cannot convince the subscribers to purchase, you may have repeat traffic.

But how?

Segmentation of your audience and making the proper personalization are the solution of this puzzle.

In the first step,

you should segment your subscribers according to their needs. Of course, segmentation requires to know your audience and their wants. If you cannot understand them you cannot speak the same language.

Once we segment our subscribers,

we can start to personalize our newsletters. For example, you shouldn’t send discount campaigns to people who are interested in the expensive products and vice versa.

Beyond that,

you can say hello to your subscriber by using his/her own name!

Wow, isn’t this amazing?

3)Conversion Optimization

Let’s say you have website which is well-optimized for search engines and you are conducting a great email marketing campaign. Thanks to these, you have lots of traffic on your website.

So then?

Without sales, having traffic is nothing.

We are conducting all these for sales. The big question standing over there:

How can you increase your sales?

Here we go!

Conversion is making the visitors take the desired action.

Let’s say we have a lot of traffic


no sales in our ecommerce.

In this case, our desired action is making visitor to click on the “purchase” button.

If a visitor clicks, a conversion is done. Viola!

Our ultimate aim is to convert visitors into customers.

Conversion optimization is the effort of this aim. It includes making changes and improvements on your website.

You may need to change or improve both content or design of your website so that you can increase your conversion rate.


An online marketing strategy should generate sales at the end of the day. Instead of old-outbound-marketing strategies, inbound marketing is the best solution for marketing issues for big or small businesses. Inbound marketing refers to create good quality content to attract visitors. Along with a SEO (search engine optimization) work, it would super boost your ROI (Return of Investment). ROI(Return of Investment) part of your overall work is generated sales at the end of the day.

You don’t need a marketing department after all. You can hire marketers or agreed with an freelancer marketers. But it is obvious that marketing gives you more than you did, when it is done correctly of course.

By taking page rank into account, you take maybe the most important part of your search engine optimization effort. It is normal to see low page rank at the beginning but if you can not see high page ranks although you apply some SEO techniques, bells are telling you to stop and look behind.

Choosing best strategy is not important if you do not implement it correctly. Strategic failures can cause irreversible results. I seem to hear the question “how can I avoid these strategic failures?”

Here it is: TEST, TEST TEST!

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