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mobile landing page optimization

Mobile Landing Page Optimization

In one of my older articles I tried to explain how you can optimize landing pages. That article was about the web pages but this time I will try to explain the same problem on mobile platforms. We already talked about the importance of landing page optimization in conversion rate optimization. I will not mention the same methods and tactics because it would be boring for those who already read it. In case you didn’t read the old one you can find it here. After reading that article and this one plus the one I will make in the article you will have a good understanding of how to accomplish mobile landing page optimization.

There are 2 major differences between mobile platforms and standard websites.

  • Screen Size(Handheld Devices)
  • Touch-Screen Interactions

So we need to focus on how we can customize our design and content while keeping in mind the 2 important differences so that the visitors have a better mobile experience on their devices.



First of all we need to understand that we have a different set of mind and behavior when using mobile or standard web. If you use desktop or laptop it’s not a problem if something doesn’t fit to the layout and you need to scroll right, left or down. Because you start using mouse or touch-pad from the beginning. Secondly the screen size is quite big. However in a mobile device you always tend to scroll only up and down that’s why you need to have a top-down page layout. Moreover, if you only try to fit the same screen into a handheld display it’s not going to work because the content will not be visible as in the example image and the user will not feel that mobile experience.

So make sure that your content is readable, your page layout is in a top-down manner so that the user would only scroll up and down and don’t get bored easily. All in all easiness and usefulness I would say make up the most important two components of mobile landing page optimization in terms of design.


When we say mobile landing page optimization it is not only how the page looks and feels but also what it contains. The same idea you want to convey or the actions you want the visitors to take in a standard webpage apply here as well. Because this is basically why you have this landing page. But there may be additional or some irrelevant or redundant points when you directly copy paste all the content. For example, if you have a phone-number to contact you about the page you would put a call to action button in your site for mobile devices so that the visitor can just click the button and call you. Another additional point for a mobile page would be a download the app button if you have a mobile application as well.

There are also some items that you may want to avoid on mobile platforms. For example long forms may be filled when you sit on a computer with patience but when you use a mobile phone or a tablet you don’t want to spend much time filling a form. So you need to either shorten the forms or avoid some of them for good. Moreover, videos and photos should also be very carefully put on the page because they are going to constitute a big portion of data usage for the visitors.

What to do about Mobile Landing Page Optimization

You can find a very helpful guide by Google on how to create a mobile friendly website here. By reading this guide and keeping in mind the important points that I tried to mention you can either create brand new mobile friendly websites from scratch or convert your old-fashioned websites to more appealing mobile pages. One thing you need to remember is that a web-page doesn’t always work the same way in computers and handheld devices.

“Through our research we have found that mobile users tend to do research on their phone and then complete transactions and purchases on their other devices (tablets and computers).” says Alex Harris and with this quote I just want to say that you need to make sure what exactly you want to achieve with a mobile page. Is it going to do the same job as a standard web-page viewed on a computer or may it serve other goals as well? So my recommendation would be the following: read my old article on this topic and the Google’s guide and think about what you really want to do.

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