Mobile Conversion Optimization

Nobody can deny that mobile is changing our lives. Everyone has mobile phones, even a 10 year old kid. Mobile phones let people to communicate with others in many ways and get fast and precise information. Day by day, the number of mobile phone usage is increasing, 4.61 billion people use mobile phone and 2.082 billion of people use smartphones. Also, people spend their time in smartphones more than computers. Moreover, Shopify’s research show that 50.3% of the E-commerce traffic comes from mobile. By looking at these statistics, we can deduce that E-commerce businesses have to take mobile conversion optimization into consideration. In this article, I will give 2 key points to optimize your mobile conversion.

Mobile Friendly Website

mobile conversion optimization
mobile conversion optimization

According to Internet Retailer research, mobile shoppers convert 160% more on websites that optimized for smartphones. So, developing your website mobile friendly is very important. If you want to have better mobile conversion optimization, there are some tips that you have to consider. Most importantly, you need to realize that mobile devices has smaller screens as against laptops or desktops. When you’re designing your website, you should analyze the target customers and their behavior.
If you understand their behavior, converting your visitors into customers is getting easier. Just design your mobile website according to customers’ satisfaction and develop menus for your target customers’ delight. Keep in mind that you’re working with smaller screen space. Make sure that your content is easy to read and catchy. Use the right font. Optimize images in your mobile website, use high quality images and check if they’re loading fast. Use bigger call-to-action buttons and put them to mobile website effectively. So, visitors can see buttons easier and get action to buy something. Also, choose your headlines shorter and more effective because you don’t have wide screen to display long headlines. Finally, keep your design simple and easy to use for customers.

Test Your Mobile Website

mobile conversion optimization
A/B testing

If you want to create unique experiences on your mobile website, you have to know which color do customers like or which font do they like. Also, when you create your menu for mobile website, you need to observe your target customers’ delight and what they really want. But how can you know about what do they like? By carrying out A/B testing, you can offer two different version of your website to customers. It lets you to see which version of your website convert visitors into customers. You can change your mobile website’s call-to-action buttons’ color or change font. Then, conduct an A/B test of two different versions of the mobile website. After that, track the customer behavior and choose the better option for customers, A or B. A/B testing lets you to get higher revenues, increase your user engagement and boost your mobile conversion optimization.
Also, Google has some tests like “is your website mobile-friendly?” or “how fast is your website for mobile?”. By using these tests, you’ll reach your maximum output for your mobile website.