Michael Boyle of The Modernity Group explains how he and his team support brands as “Modern Marketers”

Ecommerce Growth Show

In this episode, we team up with Michael Boyle, MD of The Modernity Group to discuss how he and his team help brands succeed as “Modern Marketers”.

Michael’s mantra is clear – mediocrity is out the window, the bland, the dull, the middle-of-the-road… forget it! We’ve got to know that being good enough will never be good enough as we can always sell more in this industry or take more market share from our competitors! So, Modern Marketers have to keep up with the pace of change because we know that’s always accelerating, and be able to see the bigger picture – not just within the marketing department, but the wider business, the wider industry and how that applies to the trends we see in everyday life and popular culture. Join Michael with Phill this week as they kick off the new series of the show, discussing all about how Modern Marketing can help eCommerce brands grow!

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