Look for Opportunities on Your Search Page

On your homepage, you need to try to convince customers to stay on your website, and encourage them to make a purchase. There are many effective ways to do this, but on your search page, it’s a different story.
Customers on your search page already know what they’re looking for. They don’t need to be convinced to stay on your page or click on a product, since they’re already at the bottom of the sales funnel. However, there are still ways to guide them to the right products.
First, if they have already shopped on your website, there are plenty of insights you already have on them. You know their preferred price range, their favorite brands, which campaigns they react to and, most importantly, their previous purchases. This means you have the opportunity to personalize your search page accordingly. Ecommerce is all about efficiency, so try to make it easier for your customers to get to the right products. Segmentify can help you with that!

Begin separating your products with label filters


Though many of them may look similar, each product on your search page is different from the rest. Start by labeling each of them according to their most distinguishing features. For example, if a specific customer looking for magnolias was concerned mostly with price during their last purchase, present them with products that are labeled ‘Best Price’ at the top of the page.
Label filters are a great way to categorize products on your search page in order to guide your customers to the right products, thus encouraging purchases while saving them time.

New Arrivals show your customers that your website is alive

Your website is alive. New products come and go like seasons. Let your customers know about New Arrivals for the product categories they’re interested in.

Out of Stock is still a sales opportunity with Smart Offers

If you don’t currently have the product your customers are looking for, give them the next best thing by using our Smart Offers algorithm.
If there’s anything more frustrating than not finding what you’re looking for on a website, it’s hitting a dead end. If you are out of stock, use it as an opportunity to show your customers the next most relevant products based on their browsing, click and purchase history. Here’s how Smart Offers works in more detail.
Turn an out-of-stock message into a great sales opportunity by offering your customers the products they are most likely to purchase!

Complete your customers’ words

When your customers start typing F…, immediately show them ‘Spring Flowers Easy Care’. Help them by automatically populating phrases for them. Show relevant searches in a dropdown menu so they can easily find what they are looking for.

Bonus: Use Search Page data for first-time visitors

Since search pages literally provide customers the products they’re looking for, they’re a great source of valuable data for later use. As we’ve mentioned before, the ‘cold start’ can be a challenge in e-commerce. It happens when you don’t have sufficient data on a first-time visitor to generate personalized recommendations for them. Of course, machine learning provides us many ways to deal with this challenge, but using Search Page data for a ‘Most Searched For’ campaign is another great way to communicate with your first-time visitors.
The desire to follow the most popular trends is a common element for many e-commerce shoppers. Directing them to popular products that you already know are in demand will help start their journey off on the right foot!