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Landing Page Optimisation Strategies That Convert Visitors

Truman Hedding describes internet users as, “spoiled and impatient.” Digging into Google Analytics shows that visitors will quickly leave a web page if it doesn’t lead them to exactly what they need in the right amount of time or clicks. Therefore, a landing page mustn’t just look good, but must also guide visitors/customers to make them stay or complete the desired action. The keys are an effective landing page optimization and personalization.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is just when the customer clicks on a link and its routed directly to a page on your website

Most digital marketers define a landing page as being a page that is more specifically optimized for your visitor than a link that leads to your general website, where people must navigate on their own to find an answer to their questions.

A landing page should answer a visitor’s questions and encourage them to complete an action.

How important is a landing page optimization?

So why bother going to the trouble of creating optimized instances of your website?

Perhaps most importantly, first impressions last. In the case of   e-commerce, landing pages can make or break a customer’s interest in your product and company.

Depending on your marketing strategy (like using AdWords), landing pages may be the most visited pages on your website, besides the homepage. With that in mind, they deserve extra time and effort in development.

Because landing pages are designed with specific goals in mind, conversion can happen before a customer even sees the rest of your website, at least when landing page optimization is done correctly.

What makes a good landing page?

Now that you’re starting to see the importance of a landing page, it’s time to take a look at how landing page optimization can be done to achieve your goals:


Here are 7 factors that make a good landing page:

The takeaways here are to keep the focus on the main action you want customers to complete without distracting them to take other actions. Though brief, a landing page should ideally use its various elements to help customers build trust.

Landing page personalisation

One of Neil Patel’s most recent blog articles shares different ideas for how your business can use landing pages.

But one of the most effective ways to get customers to complete  the desired action is by providing personalized landing pages.

Personalised landing pages guide visitors through their specific customer journey, which can mean a great improvement in conversion rates.

Impact of Landing Page Optimisation on Lead Generation

Segmentify’s various product recommendation widgets  make it possible to provide highly personalized landing pages to achieve goals of higher conversion.

Pre-emptive design

The key to landing page optimization is understanding internet users behavior. Creating truly effective landing pages through the process of landing page optimization is a little like flying a plane, while simultaneously building it. There’s only so much testing you can do before you have to test live, and make adjustments along the way. Live A/B Testing is an ideal way to test different theories about what will resonate with visitors.

Another way to look at landing page optimization is the balance between customer’s needs and your conversion goals. A useful exercise to get in your customers’ heads is to visit and evaluate your existing landing page as if you’re a first time visitor. This role shift will hopefully bring about new insights.

To sum up, landing pages can either help increase sales or lose customers completely. With that in mind, it’s necessary to be preemptive with design, then assess and take action based on how users respond to your landing page. To learn more about landing page optimization and how Segmentify can help you achieve your goals, get in touch!

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